Samsung Captivate to get Froyo update on Feb. 24, HTC Aria next

Thursday, February 24, 2011, 8:51 by Tech Correspondent

Samsung Captivate will receive an Android 2.2 aka Froyo upgrade starting Feb. 24, 2011.

AT&T made this announcement on its Facebook page. In the same announcement, AT&T added that HTC Aria QWERTY slider phone will receive the upgrade soon as well. Related: Top 5 Android phones QWERTY keypads

Both these phones were released last summer, around the time that Android 2.2 was released, so it’s high time that the phones, which are running Android 2.1 aka Eclair, get an upgrade. Suggested read: Buyer’s guide to Android phones in India

AT&T says the delay is because after Samsung gets the OS code from Google, it adds it to the phone, which undergoes a series of tests, and then gives it to the wireless provider, which also tests it. AT&T said it will post a link to Samsung’s website and will provide instructions on how to upgrade the Captivate. It is possible that Samsung Kies Mini app and a USB connection will be required to install the new OS.

samsung captivate photo

Photo: Samsung Captivate

Samsung’s Epic 4G on Sprint started receiving an OS update over the air last Christmas, and T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant got Froyo in January this year. Meanwhile, Samsung Fascinate and Continuum, both of which are on Verizon Wireless, haven’t received new operating systems yet. Also see: Samsung Vibrant 4G phone coming

Android 2.2 on Samsung Captivate and similar Galaxy S phones will mean compatibility with Adobe Flash, greater speed, an improved keyboard, better support for Microsoft Exchange and the ability to store apps on a micro SD card.

Not only is AT&T slow at upgrades, its network is pretty slow overall right now. says this is because the company requires that its handsets are recognized by its network as 3GPP Release 5 devices. Release 5 is the last set of specs from 3G and doesn’t support HSUPA. Support for HSUPA, or 4G as it is some times called, is called EDCH or FDD Enhanced Uplink is part of Release 6. Also see: State of 4G rollout in US

Right now, only Apple iPhone 4 and some new USB models, etc., are in this way HSUPA capable. It is likely, someone in the know told Engadget that AT&T will start using Release 6 certification shortly, but for now the lack of HSUPA support means that its devices achieve very low download and upload speeds.

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