Reliance Communications launches 3G services in key Indian metros

Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 6:15 by Tech Correspondent

Reliance Communications, India’s leading private telecom operator, has launched 3G, or third generation, mobile services in four cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chandigarh. Reliance rolled out 3G services in a record time of around 100 days after receiving 3G spectrum in the three metro cities of India.

Reliance Communications, or RCom, is the first private telecom player to provide 3G services in the three key Indian metros. It plans to launch Reliance 3G Services across all 13 telecom circles, where it holds 3G licenses, by the end of fiscal year 2010-11. Also, it plans to spread its 3G reach in rest 9 telecom circles of India during the course of next year. Related: Cheap 3G mobile phones in India

reliance 3g photo

Photo: Mobile Internet on Reliance 3G

For prepaid customers, RCom offers bundled plans of Rs. 299 and Rs 699, which give talk time of 300 and 600 minutes, 100 and 600 SMS and data of 200MB and 500MB, respectively. For post paid subscribers, RCom offers three plans — Rs. 199 for 300 minutes of talk time with 50MB data, Rs. 499 for 1,000 minutes of talk time with 100 MB of data and Rs. 2,499 for 6,000 minutes of talk time and 5 GB data. At the highest end, that works out to a tariff of 42 paisa per minute. Also see: 3G plans: BSNL vs MTNL vs Tata DoCoMo

The company has also lined up packages on a daily basis depending on the application and content requirement of the customer. The company will be promoting a try-and-buy policy wherein the applications will be available starting for as low as Rs.1.

Reliance’s 3G network is capable of offering peak speeds up to 28 Mbps. The company aims to offer 3G coverage in every town that is being connected on 3G, with all its 3G sites connected through IP backhaul to provide maximum download speeds and minimum latency.

Besides delivering 3G experience to the nation, Reliance Communication has also partnered with other companies such Nokia for devices; Facebook, Nokia and Ericsson for applications; Universal Music for content and Motricity for a Web portal. Also see: BSNL’s unlimited 3G plan for Apple iPad

“The launch of Reliance 3G is an integral part of our Vision 2015 of creating a ‘Wirefree India’ built upon the ‘affordable 3G for All’ platform. Personalization of services, simplification of tariffs and a content rich portfolio on the ‘Best in Class’ 3G Wireless Network will enable Reliance customers to get a much superior 3G service experience, significantly differentiated from others in the marketplace,” said Syed Safawi, CEO – Wireless Business, Reliance Communications, in a press release. “Reliance 3G places us in a unique position with our suite of offerings covering 3G, CDMA, GSM and Mobile Broadband Data Services on the wireless platform,” he added.

During the 3G auction in May 2010, Reliance Communications was declared as the winner in 13 key telecom circles that include key metros of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Today, Reliance Communications holds 3G licenses in the telecom circles of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, North East, Jammu and Kashmir, Orissa and Assam.

In the private sector, Tata DoCoMo is the only other company to offer 3G services in the market at present. Airtel is also expected to launch its 3G network soon. Other telecom players are also waiting to join the 3G race. In such a scenario, the company that offers the best price would be a clear winner.

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