Portable Google Chrome download ready now!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 19:46 by Tech Correspondent

Those who want a portable version of Google Chrome, never fear. You can have all the browsing using the paradigm-changing browser from Google. The folks at Portable Free ware have cobbled together a portable version of Google Chrome which you can download from Rapidshare

Portable Google Chrome download link

Why use a portable version of Chrome? Well, for the same reasons that you would use any portable software. Your favorite apps, in a USB drive, and privacy.

I personally use the portable version of Mozilla Firefox 3 for most of my everyday surfing. Somehow, the idea that portable software do not install a pile of crap into my PC makes me feel good.

However, portable Google Chrome is not perfect. Read this from the creator:

I’ve put together a quick portable version of the Google Chrome Beta, but unfortunately because it behaves as though it is a natively installed program (i.e. it saves history and cache in the default Local Settings path) I can’t submit it to this site’s listing. The file itself is a single portable executable.

Well, I think if you can get a portable version of Chrome with 24 hours of its launch, there is nothing much to complain about, right?

If you are looking for the portable Firefox 3 download, here it is

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