Polaroid to launch 3×4 inch PoGo Instant Print printer with Android app

Sunday, August 29, 2010, 18:03 by Tech Correspondent

Instant printing makes a comeback with the Polaroid Pogo Instant Print printer

Two years back, Polaroid launched its PoGo wireless printer. Now the same printer will get some refreshingly new features that include an Android app for sending photos from a mobile phone to the printer. The new Polaroid PoGo Instant Print offers a larger print format of 3×4 inches and uses Polaroid Zero Ink (ZINK) technology that prints using heat. No ink cartridges here.

Though the new Polaroid Pogo Instant Print is not released yet, Polaroid has already released the Android app to interface with the printer. This will allow users to capture photos or add text captions and send them via Bluetooth or USB to the PoGo. And the photos get printed in 50 seconds, which means the photos are dry and ready as soon as they come out of the printer. It even has a battery, so you do not need to plug in the Pogo Instant Print always. The USB socket means you can plg in PictBridge compatible devices into the Polaroid PoGo Instant Print.

The PoGo Android app is capable of text input and has 79 different frame skins to choose from. It allows the user to add a border around the print and various border styles to write text at the bottom, as seen in the photographs below. There will be a version of the app for iPhone too soon.

The Polaroid PoGo 3×4 Instant Print will be available later this year for a price of £99.99 and a 30-pack of photo paper is priced at £12.99 for. And as far as the Android app is considered, you can get it right now.

So, now you can send photos to the instant printer from your digital camera, computer, or even your mobile phone. And for Android users, it is even more easier task.

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