Pixazza is like an Adsense for images

Sunday, April 25, 2010, 18:17 by Tech Correspondent

Publishers of entertainment, home, sports and travel sites can now implement Pixazza to generate some revenue from their images

Pixazza, the photo-tagging service backed by Google, is expanding its publisher base from entertainment websites to include home, sports and travel websites in an effort to generate additional revenue.

Using the Pixazza service, publishers will be able to tag products within the online images on their website and link them back to similar products in the database of advertisers in Pixazza’s network. Publishers can add the service on their websites by typing in a single line of code. That looks like a nice compliment to Google’s Adsense – which is precisely why Google wanted in with Pixazza.

Consumers can use the service by moving their mouse over an image which has been tagged to reveal a Pixazza pop-up box that contains information and prices about products that are similar to the one shown in the image. They can also click on the pop-up box to buy the product. Advertising and affiliate revenue earned by Pixazza is shared with the publishers of the participating websites.

PIxazza is now offering advertisements concerning a wider range of products by including home, sports and travel products in its database. This makes the service employable by websites, such as travel blogs and home decor sites. The tagged images on the site are linked to the best product options by a combination of computer algorithms and product experts who rate each related product.

Pixazza was launched in 2008 and its activities were noticed by Google Ventures last year. The company was able to raise $5.75 million from CMEA Capital, August Capital and Google Ventures.

The company and the potential of its business have already been recognized by publishers, consumers and advertisers. Over 19 million visitors are served by Pixazza every month at a rate of 5 billion annual image views. Around 70 percent of its visitors are based in the US.

Pixazza’s expansion plans also ring alarm bells among its competitors such as Image Space Media, which serves 46 million monthly visitors. The expansion is likely to reduce ISM’s profit and growth margins. In January, ISM received funding worth $2.9 billion from New Atlantic Ventures and Mike Gordon from Limelight.

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  1. Jesse Chenard said on Monday, April 26, 2010, 16:14

    I wouldn’t say it has raised alarm bells with ISM so much as validated the space we are already in as having huge potential. The increasing attention paid to the advertising potential of the image space is a good thing and companies like ISM and Pixazza are well positioned to leverage that. 

    Jesse Chenard
    Image Space Media