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Sunday, February 13, 2011, 10:45 by Tech Correspondent

Here are some of our most detailed stories about mobile phones available in India. Chances are, you would find a detailed article that might help you decide on the phone you are planning to buy here.

Cheap (and best) Android phones in India

Ah, how much more straightforward can you get? We are the most cut-throat when it comes to purchasing anything – and this story will give you exactly what you want. Android phones that do a good job, and at astonishingly low prices. Mind you, not just a tolerable job. Click through for the most value for money Android mobiles in India.

Android phones in India: The one-stop guide

Comprehensive listing of all Android phones in India. Admittedly, there are too many being launched to keep this list completely up-to-date, but we are trying to catch up here.

The hottest Android smartphones in India

Here we have the best Android smartphones launched in India so far. Nothing here is going to be super-cheap for sure. But when you want to most desirable Android phones that could make the buyer and his colleagues go all weak in the knees, this is where you should be going.

Upcoming Nokia phones in India

We know Nokia has just pulled the entire sky down on all hardcore Nokia fans worldwide with their announcement of a strategic alliance with Microsoft. Just kidding – at this point, it is too early to say whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. But Nokia was stuck in a hard place, and they had to do something. Which is what they did by deciding to bring us Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 (WP7) OS on its hardware. We are waiting and watching. The first Nokia WP7 concept pics are already out.

Nokia touchscreen phones in India

The current range of Nokia touchscreen phones in India. That’s about it.

Samsung dual SIM phones in India

Samsung is a much-loved manufacturer in India, and not everyone wants to go for the cheapest dual SIM phones in the market. If relatively better quality, reliability and brand name are what you want, you should be looking at Samsung’s dual SIM phones in India.

Samsung’s touch screen phones in India

Samsung has a bunch of affordable, medium-range and expensive touchscreen phones here. Here is the full list.

Latest dual SIM cell phones in India

This is a buyer’s guide that has a hard time keeping up with the spate of dual SIM phone launched in India, but it does try.

Touch-screen mobile phones in India

Our original touchscreen mobile phone story. Now this serves as a hub for all our touchscreen-related stories.

Touchscreen cell phones all the rage in India

If you are looking for some of the more popular touchscreen mobile phones in India, this is where you should be going.

Cheap 3G mobile phones in India

Pretty much all phones launched these days have 3G built-in. Now that 3G is here, and you want to buy one which does not break the bank, click through.

Dual sim mobile phones in India

Our original dual SIM mobile phone story. Now serving as a hub for all our dual mobile phone stories.

Cheapest GSM+CDMA dual SIM phones in India

Not all dual SIM cell phones offer GSM+CDMA functionality. But sometimes, that is exactly what you need, and here is where you can find a full list of all the GSM+CDMA dual SIM phone models currently available in India

Triple-SIM phones in India: Buyer’s Guide

Again, some would wonder why anyone would need a triple SIM phone. Tell that to those who buy these ones. The same phone serves as a number for your office calls, another to use for calling family members on low-priced family packs, and another number for making only STD or ISD calls. Just one of the ways in which they are being used. Click through for a full list of triple SIM phones in India.

Affordable QWERTY phones in India

QWERTY phones once were exclusively Blackberry models, and then some Nokia business phones too appeared with QWERTY keyboards. But now, such phones are available priced as low as Rs 3,000 in India. Here is a detailed resource on some of the cheapest QWERTY phones.

Top G’Five mobile phones in India

G-Five is a manufacturer who is relatively new but has already managed to sell a large number of phones in the last year. Here are their best phones.

Mobile TV phones in India: Now watch television on your cell phones!

Several phones offer mobile TV now – but it is extremely difficult to figure out what services they offer, exactly how they work, and how the hardware works. This story could help in making up your mind if mobile TV is what you want.

Low-price push e-mail phones in India

Push email is most useful for accessing corporate email accounts – this functionality is offered by many low cost mobile phones in India now.

Top HD phones in India

Not everyone needs an HD phone, but we have some phones in India which can do a good job of HD playback as well as video capture.

Cheap camera phones in India

Some of the cheapest camera phones in India that do a good job despite their shocking low prices.

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