Philips showcases new range of LCD, LED and ultra slim TVs in India

Friday, October 15, 2010, 11:47 by Tech Correspondent

Philips is bringing a whole new range of LED, LCD and ultra slim televisions to the Indian market this festival season.

The lineup includes 15 LED TV models, 8 models of LCD TVs and 5 ultra slim sets. Prices of the latest Philips LED televisions start at about Rs. 26,500, while the LCD TVs start at about Rs. 16,500 and the ultra slim range is available from Rs. 5,300 onwards.

With high definition technology catching up TV viewers’ imagination in India, it’s no surprise that all the new Philips TVs have high definition capabilities (i.e. support full 1080p HD viewing).

philips led lcd photoThe LED models are available starting from 24 inches and going up to 55 inches. The LCD variants begin at 24 inches and go up to 46 inches, while the ultra slim range starts at 14 inches and goes up to 21 inches.

Apart from the HD feature, the new Phillips series of TVs have Natural Light 2 Engine technology which modulates power consumption by adjusting brightness. The Natural Light Engine feature also controls how deep dark colors appear, and thus also improves picture quality – thereby letting viewers watch TV for long periods without feeling the strain on their eyes.

Philips’ new range also has digital noise reduction and dynamic audio system technologies, as well as HDMI and USB 2.0 ports through which the TVs can be connected to other devices such as smartphones and PCs.

The LCD televisions have DDHD3E (digital dynamic Hi-definition engine 3rd generation) technology, which is said to enhance color and contrast ratios, thus making images appear sharper and more detailed.

In related news, Philips said it will soon launch its flagship flat panel TV, Cinema 21:9 TV, along with a range of other flat panel televisions in India. The Cinema 21:9 is said to be the world’s first cinema proportion 3D LED TV with ambilight.

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