Philips 9664, 9604, 9700 LCD TV series launched

Wednesday, July 29, 2009, 12:56 by Tech Correspondent

Philips has unveiled its new 9700 LCD TV series and launched new models in its 9600 series, the 9664 and 9604 LCD TVs.

Photo:Philips 9664 LCD TV

Photo:Philips 9664 LCD TV

The Philips 9664 TV series is available in 42 and 47-inch screens whereas the 9604 series is available in sizes of 32 and 37-inch screens.

The Philips 9700 TV series comes in 40-, 46- and 52-inch screen sizes.

The Philips 9664 TV is super slim measuring 20mm in thickness at its thinnest point.

The Philips 9604, 9664 and 9700 LCD TV series come with the 2009 version of Pixel HD engine that is capable of processing five hundred million pixels per second.

The pixel HD comes in two categories, color perfect for natural color and Perfect Natural motion  for judder free images.

The Philips 9604, 9664 and 9700 LCD TV series feature four speakers with 2x15W output, tweeters and sound grills. Bass speaker boxes present at the back of the television also add to the sound quality of the televisions.

The three TVs also offer Wi-Fi facility that allows users to surf the internet using the Philips Net TV feature. The Philips 9604, 9664, and 9700 TV series offers 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

The Philips 9664, 9604 and 9700 TVs come with Ambilight spectra 2 that projects lights from both the sides of the screen  independently on the rear wall thus giving the user a “more immersive viewing experience,” the company has said.

In terms of looks, the Philips 9664 and 9604 TVs have black aluminum frames, while the Philips 9700 has silver aluminum frames.

The Philips 9604, 9664 and 9700 LCD TV series also come with integrated digital TV tuner and 5 HDMI ports in order to give the user easy connectivity between HDMI

The Philips 9604 LCD TV offers 100Hz Clear LCD and two millisecond response time.

The Philips 9664 and 9700 LCD TVs offer a 200Hz Clear LCD and a response time of one millisecond.

The 42” Philips 9664 LCD TV and 47” Philips 9664 LCD TV will carry an approximate price tag of £1699 and £1999 respectively.

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