Panasonic Viera tablet to compliment Viera HDTVs

Thursday, January 6, 2011, 12:35 by Tech Correspondent

Panasonic has unveiled its Viera tablet at the CES 2011. The company has positioned Viera as a TV companion, which means the tablet will work in conjunction with the company’s line of Web-connected HDTVs.

Panasonic Viera is an Android-based tablet and will be available in 4, 7, and 10-inch sizes. Despite their different screen sizes, the Viera tablets will feature identical hardware. The Viera tablet is Panasonic’s first step toward cloud-based services, including video streaming and e-books. Currently, the tablet is available in Japan and is scheduled to be launched in the United States this year itself. Also see: Panasonic launches world’s largest 3D TV in India

Panasonic has added a feature called Viera Connect to the tablet, so that users gets the flexibility to transfer content between the tablet and TV. Moreover, users can also view the same content simultaneously from different angles. This also means you can now take a break from the big screen and watch your program on the go. Another interesting characteristic of Panasonic Viera tablet is that it can also function as a remote, to control entire home theater components and content. Must read: Android tablets in India

panasonic viera tablet photo

Photo: Panasonic Viera Tablet

Panasonic Viera tablet’s intuitive navigation interface makes it easy for the user to use cloud services. Viewers can use the Android tablet as a sub-screen for displaying images and information related to the images shown on the connected television.

Panasonic’s new tablet device comes with a feature to communicate via social network services while watching TV. Users can also enjoy the advantage of e-commerce by ordering suggested items related to the TV contents by shopping online on the Viera tablet.

Panasonic has also launched seven new  models of Viera HDTV Plasmas at the CES 2011, which Viera tablet will compliment. Moreover, Panasonic is expanding its IPTV offerings with its 2011 HDTV line-up. Easy IPTV provides Panasonic’s IPTV functionality to select Viera HDTVs by adding six popular movie, music and social networking sites to the TV’s feature sets. Netflix, Amazon VOD, CinemaNow , Napster, Pandora and Facebook will provide Viera users additional viewing options.

Panasonic Viera seems to be an innovative product that can be used as a remote to control or to access and communicate with the TV’s apps.  It aims at changing your TV viewing experience altogether.

The company has given no words on its pricing yet. Further details related to its Japan launch will be revealed later. Watch this space for more on Panasonic Viera!

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