Panasonic launches world’s largest 3D TV in India for Rs. 3.5 crores

Wednesday, December 22, 2010, 16:25 by Tech Correspondent

Panasonic has launched the world’s largest 3D Full HD plasma display TV in India. The Panasonic 152-inch 3D TV, a kind of a mini theater, is priced at a whooping Rs 3.5 crores.

Earlier this year at Consumer Electronics Show 2010, Panasonic announced that the 152-inch Plasma 3D TV would be a different line-up to its Flat Panel Display Portfolio. The Panasonic TV boasts cutting-edge technology and features a self-illuminating display.

panasonic 3d tv photo

Photo: World’s largest 3D TV by Panasonic

The 152-inch 3D TV produces approximately 4 times the amount of information (4,096 x 2,160 pixels) of a full HD panel (1,920 x 1,080) with the help of a new plasma display panel (PDP) developed through Panasonic’s quadruple luminous technology. The panel also incorporates a crosstalk reduction technology, essential for producing clear 3D images.

The 4K2K display showcases highly detailed content, even when watched from a relatively close viewing distance of 1.5 times the screen height. This is because Panasonic has developed a unique technology to minimize double-image that occurs when left- and right-eye images are switched alternately.

“The152-inch 3D full HD plasma display launch is part of our commitment to bring the very best to our Indian customers be it in terms of technology, customer benefits and product innovation and styling.  The splendid mix of style and the cutting edge 3D technology in the plasma display enables a never before lifelike viewing experience enhanced further by the 152-inch size,” Manish Sharma, director of marketing for Panasonic India, said in a press release.

The company also plans to collaborate with Hollywood studios and other related industries to create a 3D Zone. It is obvious that Panasonic is striving to increase its lineup of 3D products and focus on rapid growth in the Flat Panel Display Segment.

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