Panasonic announces 18 new TVs at CES 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011, 14:23 by Tech Correspondent

Panasonic has taken a massive step at the CES 2011, by rolling out 18 new TVs including 14 Full HD 3D TVs.

The new Panasonic models include seven PDP HDTVs (Plasma), six new LED LCD, and five LCD ones a group of LED-lit 3D LCDs. The company unveiled different VIERA Full HD 3D Plasma model lines: the VT30 Series, GT30 and ST30 Series. All models introduced are of all available in Full HD, and comes for the PDP ones with Easy IPTV including AmazonVOD, Netflix, Napster, etc.

The VIERA VT30 Series includes both the 65-inch class TC-P65VT30 and the 55-inch class TC-P55VT30. These models feature a one-sheet glass design for a sleeker look. They support 3D viewing and offer the enhanced IPTV VIERA Connect service, with Skype video/voice calling.

2011 panasonic viera tv photo

Photo: 2011 Panasonic Viera TV

For connectivity, the TVs provide USB for the addition of a wireless LAN adaptor, keyboard and/or USB memory. They also supports applications such as Joining Amazon Video-on-Demand, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, Fox Sports, YouTube, Picasa, Bloomberg and weather. Other apps support include Napster, Hulu Plus, CinemaNow, Facebook and access to sports sites like as NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS2. The TVs are THX-certified and come with 24p playback. Their 600Hz subfield drive produces 1080 lines of moving picture resolution. Furthermore, you get four HDMI ports, a RS232C/ISF connection and an Infinite Black Pro 2 panel.

There is no word on pricing as yet. The VT30 series will be available in spring 2011.

Panasonic Viera GT30 series

Coming to the VIERA GT30 series, it consists of the TC-P65GT30, TC-P60GT30, TC-P55GT30 and the TC-P50GT30. They come in 64-inch class, 60-inch class, 55-inch class and 50-inch class respectively. They are also THX-certified and featuresthe Infinite Black 2 Panel, 600Hz subfield drive, VIERA Connect and VIERA Link. Moreover, they support Skype video/voice calling, and broad 3D. The GT30 models will ship in the spring of 2011, with pricing yet to be announced.

Panasonic Viera ST30 series

The last of the new 3D plasmas are in the VIERA ST30 Series. They come in six screen sizes ranging from 42 to 65 inches, which include  the TC-P65ST30, a 65-inch class, TC-P60ST30, TC-P55ST30, TC-P50ST30, TC-P46ST30 and the TC-P42ST30. They all include the Infinite Black 2 panel,VIERA Connect and VIERA Link. In addition, the models support Skype video/voice calling. They also include the 600Hz subfield drive and the same robust 3D support. The ST30 TVS will be available in spring 2011, with pricing yet to be announced.

Panasonic LED TVs

Now lets talk 2011 Panasonic family of LCD LED TVs. The two models, TC-L37DT30 and TC-L32DT30 are full HD 3D TV sets. The 2011 line-up introduces five LCD-LED series – the DT30, D30, E3, E30, and C30, which premieres a new 19-inch screen size. All, with exception of the C30 series, provide 1080p resolution. Moreover, they feature the IPS Alpha panel (E3 is IPS Panel). Other features include Easy IPTV (the DT30 & D30 line includes VIERA Connect); DLNA, multiple HDMI connectors; USB ports; a PC input; Viera Link and the VIERA Image Viewer.

The C30 series includes a new screen size. The 19-inch class TC-L19C30 is a 720p, 60Hz panel, with one HDMI connection, a PC input, VIERA Image Viewer and VIERA Link. The TC-L19C30 will be available in Summer 2011, with pricing to be announced.

On the other hand, the E3 series presents three screen sizes- the 32-inch class TC-L32E3; the 37-inch class TC-L37E3 and the 42-inch class TC-L42E3. E3 comes with the IPS LED panel and provide the consumer with four HDMI connections; two USB ports; DLNA connectivity and a PC input. The three E3 televisions utilize 60Hz technology with 1080p resolution. In addition, the E3 series features Easy IPTV, to enhance entertainment experience. The E3 series will be available Spring 2011, with pricing to be announced.

And the last one is TC-L42 E30, which is a 42-inch class HDTV featuring an IPS Alpha panel with LED backlighting and 120Hz Motion Picture Pro 4, for fast motion response speeds. T TV also includes Easy IPTV and easily connects to other CE devices by offering four HDMI connections; two USB ports; DLNA connectivity and a PC input. The TC-L42E30 also features a clear panel to enhance contrast and reduce ambient light reflections. It and will be available Spring 2011. The company has not reveled the priced as yet.

In a press conference, Panasonic said that it is renaming its Viera Cast smart TV platform Viera Connect, and expanding its role. Panasonic is opening the Viera Connect platform to developers and encouraging third-party app growth. The company confirmed that its Viera Connect platform will offer live video streaming, console-like gaming, and integration with Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Ustream, and more. Viewers will be able to use apps to access MLB and NHL content, as well as fitness programs.

Meanwhile, Panasonic has introduced its huge 152-inch TV in India for a price of Rs 3.5 crore.

So, for all those who are looking to buy a full HD TV set this year, you have a wide range of variety from Panasonic.

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