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Get smart with the Foleo

5 June, 2007

The smartphone companion has been unveiled. The new device from Palm, christened Foleo, is exactly designed as a companion to a smartphone. The Foleo, which comes with a large screen and full-size keyboard, can be used to edit documents and access email residing on a device.

Dubbed as a new category of mobile device, the Foleo aims at productivity-minded business people who want a more complete solution for mobile working, said a report.

The Foleo will debut during the summer of 2007 in the US sporting a price tag of $599, while Europe will have to await its arrival at a later date this year. The device, which resembles a small laptop, links to a smartphone via a Bluetooth wireless connection and has built-in applications including an email client, web browser, and editors for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files, said a review.

The Foleo boasts of a 10-inches screen and weighs about 1.1kg. It also has Wi-Fi support, enabling it to browse the web without the smartphone connection. The battery comes with a 5-hour life.

The Foleo links with Palm's Treo phones, both the Palm OS and Windows Mobile versions, but should also work with most other Windows Mobile handsets, said a report quoting the Palm brass. According to the report, the company believes that handsets from RIM and Symbian might be supported in future.





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