Opera Mobile 11, Opera Mini 6 available for free download

Tuesday, March 22, 2011, 14:54 by Tech Correspondent

Opera Software has launched the new versions of its mobile Web browsers: Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6.

The Norway-based company, with a 100 million customer base, has improved its browsers’ performance by inculcating features like pinch to zoom, share buttons for Twitter and Facebook, and faster scrolling and panning speeds. Related: Internet Explorer 9 free download

How to get the new Opera browsers

To download Opera Mobile 11 or Opera Mini 6 browsers for free, go to m.opera.com from your Symbian/S60, BlackBerry or Android phone or tablet PC or click here. Android users can get the browsers from Android App Market also.

Maemo, MeeGo and Windows 7 desktop users should be able to download the labs release of the Opera mobile browsers by clicking here.

Photo: Opera mobile browser

Features of Opera mobile browsers

Opera has modernized its user interface with Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6, and optimized the UI for tablet PCs. The new browsers give faster framerates when panning and zooming, and Opera promises that you will not see any checkerboard, ever.

The text stays sharp during zooming and there is improved text-wrap on zoom. For phones/tablets without multitouch, incremental zooming is available. Suggested read: Cheap and best Android phones

Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 feature buttons for jumping to the top/bottom of the page. If your phone’s hardware supports haptic feedback, you new Opera browser will provide it.

The new browsers have an improved geolocation support. Pressing the “O” icon from your touchscreen phone/tablet, you will see the options screen. Options include bookmarks, history, settings, downloads, apart from enabling you to share URLs on e-mail and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Heads up to current users: Tap to zoom has been changed from single-click to double-click. You can now click links and activate Flash content in overview mode, without having to zoom in first (the Android version now supports Flash). Also see: Download 34 times faster Adobe Flash Player 10.2

Photo: Opera Mobile 11 on an Android tablet

How to choose between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile

The Opera Mini browser compress webpages to a tenth of their original size before sending them to your phone. Because the data transferred is smaller, pages arrive faster. On a pay-as-you-go plan, the Opera Mini browser greatly cuts the price you pay, because the data you use is dramatically reduced.

The Opera Mobile browser supports HTML5, and full, high-fidelity Web browsing. If you have an unlimited Internet data plan on your phone or Android tablet, you can download Opera Mobile 11 for fast and powerful browsing.

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