Notion Ink Tablet shipping today

Thursday, January 20, 2011, 8:44 by Tech Correspondent

Notion Ink’s Adam tablet has cleared the Federal Communications Commission and will be shipped soon.

Notion Ink, an Indian company started and run by a bunch of recent graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, created Adam Tablet over the past couple of years, and the device is being hailed as perhaps the most innovative Android tab around.

Adam will be the first Android tablet with a dual core Tegra 2 processor in the stores, and Notion Ink already has a long list of pre orders for the device. People who’ve already ordered Adam in mid December will receive their tablets by the end of the month, according to Notion Ink. Adam, incidentally, uses an OS that is a heavily customised version of Gingerbread, making it akin to Honeycomb which is for tablets. Adam might eventually get updated to Android 3.0 Honeycomb. (Related: Notion Ink Adam to ship around Christmas)

Notion Ink Adam – form

notion ink adam photo

Photo: Notion Ink Adam

The ten inch Notion Ink Adam has a sturdy form with a rubber edge on the top or on one side, depending on how you hold the device. This makes for a firm grip and makes it easy to change the tablet’s position. Adam has a 1080p resolution HDMI port and a USB port as well, and weighs 1.5 lbs. It has two cameras – on the front and the back.

Adam – display

Notion Ink’s Android tablet has a 1024 x 600 pixel transreflective PixelQi screen, which is said to feature both e ink and LCD backlit-type displays. It has an LCD backlight that can be turned on and off, and when it’s on, Adam is easy to read from in the sun– an essential condition for a place like India. However, with the backlight on colors do appear somewhat duller than they appear on the iPad or GalaxyTab. Adam’s Pixel Qi technology though enables fairly wide viewing angles.

Eden – user interface

Notion Ink has created a panel-like user interface to go over Android. Tech blog Endgadget, which reviewed Adam Tablet, says that though Notion Ink’s custom Eden interface looks confusing at first, it’ll probably be very comfortable to use after a little practice. Adam translates different taps (double taps, triple taps, single taps etc) to mean different things, which perhaps takes some getting used to.

Adam tablet – apps

According to Endgadget, Notion Ink’s apps open fast and don’t crash. The company uses a unique, and therefore initially confusing navigation system, but as Endgadget points out, all of that will take some getting used to and should be convenient thereafter. Adam unfortunately doesn’t support Android Market yet, but will when Google releases Honeycomb specific apps. Meanwhile, any file on Android’s App Market that ends with the suffix “.APK” will work on Adam tablet. Notion Ink is also getting ready to open its own Genesis app store for widgets that are customised for Adam’s Eden UI.

Adam tablet – performance

Adam uses an Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset, and will in fact be the first device to ship with the ARM design based processors for mobile devices. Notion Ink’s Adam works fast, flash video loads fast, but might be badly formatted, and might have a lag. Despite that, though, says Adam is better with video than Samsung’s GalaxyTab, which is really saying something considering that Samsung designed GalaxyTab to be an entertainment device and would have taken great pains to see it performs video well.

Adam – prices

Here’s an official price list of the different versions of Adam tablet:

Notion Ink Adam LCD Wi-Fi – $375.33
Notion Ink Adam LCD +3G – 900 Series – $425.33
Notion Ink Adam LCD +3G – 850 Series – $424.33
Notion Ink Adam Transflective Wi-Fi – $499.45 has
Notion Ink Adam Transflective +3G – 900 Series – $549.99
Notion Ink Adam Transflective +3G – 850 Series – $549.99

Adam will be available in black with a white or other colored strip running around it.

A prototype of Adam tablet was revealed in December 2009 and was demonstrated at CES 2011 early in January. Notion Ink says those orders that were expecting to be serviced by February will probably get their Adam machine towards the end of January itself. However, Notion Ink did once before promise to deliver Adam by January 6, 2011, but was held back because it hadn’t received FCC clearance in the US and CE clearance for the UK, both of which it has since then acquired.

India-based Notion Ink has collaborated with content companies to deliver music, videos, books and magazines to Adam tablet, and the company’s chief executive officer promises regular updates to Eden that aren’t just bug fixes, but help the user discover something on his tablet that in fact already existed – maybe Notion Ink’s going to push tutorials on what to do with Eden. Barring the jokes and perhaps trifle out moded biblical theme, Notion Ink, with Adam its very first product, looks like it might grow to be a very original tech brand over the next few years – and one that will probably have a cult following as well.

So will Adam eat Apple!

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