Nokia X-6 touchscreen phone launched

Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 16:09 by Tech Correspondent

Nokia X-6 and Nokia X-3, two phones in the new Nokia X series were launched at the NokiaWorld event in Stuttgart today. The two X series take over from the Nokia Xpress Music line of phones. The Xpress Music range is currently the largest selling range of phones from Nokia.

Photo: New Nokia X6 comes with a touchscreen

Photo: New Nokia X6 comes with a touchscreen

The Nokia X-6 is the higher version, which comes with a touchscreen. The Nokia X-6 has a 3.2 inch touchscreen, which is similar to most of the touchscreen phones in the market. The Nokia X-6 is a “Comes-With-Music” device, which means for some time after buying the mobile phones, you will be able to download the songs you like for free. The Nokia X-6 has 32 GB of storage space, which cane be used to save music, movies and pictures. The memory on the Nokia X-6 can be expanded with an SD card as well. Nokia says that the memory is enough to store 35 hours of music. The touchscreen on the Nokia X-6 has a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is good for watching widescreen movies.

Nokia X6 phone photo

Nokia X6 phone photo

The Nokia X-6 will be available in the US in the fourth quarter, before the December holiday season. The company said that the Nokia X-6 price will be 459 euros in Europe.

The Nokia X-6 has a touchscreen with the resolution of 320×640 pixels with 16 million colours. Nokia said it will have an accelerometer which is sensitive to movements and a proximity sensor. The company has not made it clear whether the touchscreen will be resistive or capacitative.

However, we are not too impressed with the 434MHz processor and 128MB RAM. One just needs to compare it with the 600 MHz processor on the Apple iPhone to see the difference in processing power. The same 434 MHz processor is used in the Nokia N-97 as well as the new N97 Mini.

The Nokia X-Series comes with Assisted GPS (A-GPS), which means you can use it for navigation with Nokia Maps. Nokia did not say whether the new X-series phones come with Maps preinstalled – we hope so. Even if it doesn’t have, one can opt to download and install the free Google Maps, or choose to buy a map and assorted software from various map vendors. The GPS also ensures that you can use the related software for geotagging photos and videos as and when you shoot them on the Nokia X-6.

Nokia has not released many tech specs on the Nokia X-6. However, it will come with Symbian operating system, Nokia’s flagship operating system for mobile phones and handheld devices. The version will be the series 60 5th edition of Symbian.The browser, said Nokia, is a full-fledged one with Flash Lite support. The Nokia X-6 comes with a TV-out cable .

Entertainment seems to be the driving factor behind the Nokia X-6. The X-6 smartphone has a 5 megapxel (5 MP) camera with Carl Zeiss Lens (Nokia has always stuck to the trustworthy Carl Zeiss optics for all its mobile phones), with dual LED flash to back it up.  Photo editing can be done on-screen without the need for a computer connection, said Nokia. However, don’t expect photo-editing on a mobile phone of the same quality as editing on a computer, just the same way that you cant expect photography on a mobile to be as food as photography on a digital camera. Apart from still photos, the X-6 Nokia can also record video at 16 frames per second, the company said.

The new Nokia X-6 is also social media enabled, which means you can use social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and  witter on the X-6. Nokia has not mentioned all the social networking applications preloaded with the Nokia X-6 smartphones, but we guess Facebook is a clear choice.

Nokia said that the Nokia X-6 mobile phone will have connectivity via 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The X-6 Nokia mobile phone battery can stay for as long as 8 and half hours of talk-time and 35 hours of music playback. It can also play 4 hours of video playback and has a standby time of over 400 hours, Nokia said.

Some of  the other features of the Nokia X-6 are below:

SW Platform: Symbian OS, S60 5th edition 5.0
Size: 111 x 51 x 13.8
Display: 3.2” 16:9 nHD, 231 ppi
Nokia Music Store : yes
Music format: MP3, SpMidi, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, MTP support
Bearers & transport: WCDMA, GPRS/EDGE, MSC31, HSDPA, DTM,
Ring Tones: 3D stereo ringing tones, Up to 64 Polyphonic Midi, MP3
tones, video ringing tones
Video Ring Tones: yes
Browser: Full Web browser (OSS) v 7.0
Macromedia Flash Lite 3.0

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