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Nokia buys media-sharing website Twango

26 July, 2007

Nokia has bought Twango, a US-based company, that operates a media-sharing website, for a reported sum of $96.8 million.

Twango provides an all-in-one file sharing service, allowing users to share online audio, video, text, photos and other kinds of files.

Twango was founded in 2004 by five former senior managers of Microsoft Corporation.

Nokia is likely to rebrand the Twango service and incorporate software into its phones to ease sending content between phones and the internet.

A joint statement by Nokia and Twango said that, “by acquiring Twango, Nokia will be able to offer people an easy way to share multimedia content through their desktop and mobile devices.”

Nokia said the acquisition would strengthen a rapidly expanding portfolio of internet services that users can access via their mobile devices. “We have the most complete suite of connected multimedia experiences including music, navigation, games, and – with the acquisition of Twango – photos, videos, and a variety of document types,” Anssi Vanjoki, head of Nokia’s multimedia, said.

Serena Glover, co-founder of Twango, said: “As a result of this acquisition, we will aggressively build our team in the Seattle area, allowing us to deliver a superior global media-sharing service.”

Recent acquisitions by Nokia include Gate5, a German company that develops mapping, routing, and navigation software and Loudeye, a company developing digital music platforms. Nokia acquired Loudeye for $60 million. Twango is Nokia’s third digital media-related acquisition in one year, since Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo took charge as Nokia’s CEO. These acquisitions are the foundation of Nokia's bid to provide serious competition to Apple Computer’s iTunes.

Nokia already has media-sharing tie-ups with Flickr and SixApart’s Vox, but, the company said, it plans to continue these relationships in order to provide choice for customers.

Equipped with high-quality megapixel cameras and mobile broadband connections, Nokia devices have revolutionised the way people create content, blog, and participate in online communities. In 2006, Nokia sold over 140 million connected cameras, and its devices are fast becoming the world’s primary source of images and videos.

Nokia also offers new media-sharing experiences such as combining GPS-based location information with photos and videos.





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