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Nokia to transfer chipset technology, personnel to STMicroelectronics

21 August, 2007

Eyeing an increase in cooperation on high-speed, third-generation, or 3G, mobile technology, Nokia Corp will transfer chipset technology and workers to STMicroelectronics. The transfer of around 200 personnel to STMicro, both in Finland and Britain, will take place during the last quarter of 2007, said a report.

The development comes in line with Nokia’s strategy to collaborate with three other chipset suppliers, namely Texas Instruments, Broadcom Corp, and Infineon Technologies AG. Nokia will develop its modem technology which will then be licensed to chipset manufacturers who will develop and produce chipsets for Nokia. Geneva-based STMicroelectronics is a leading global developer of semiconductor and microelectronics technology that makes chips for technology majors like Apple and Nintendo and employs 50,000 workers worldwide.

Meanwhile, the company has clarified that it would defend itself against two complaints by subsidiaries of InterDigital Inc. with the US International Trade Commission which allege that it engaged in unfair trade practices by infringing on two of its patents. According to industry reports, the complaints seek an exclusion order which would bar entry in the US to Nokia phones that allegedly infringe upon the patents in question.

Nokia has said that it was yet to obtain copies of both the complaints and so it wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the allegations. The company plans to vigorously defend itself, its products and its integrity and to ensure that its rights are fully protected, the report added.





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