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NOKIA 8600

Nokia 8600 set to turn heads

30 May, 2007

After a brief entry and a faster disappearance from Carphone Warehouse last April, speculations abound that the Nokia 8600 is making its re-entry. A tech report said that the model is now available for preorder.

However reviewers of the sleek shiny handset don't have much to say in their reviews of the gadget. They say nothing much is revealed on the preorder page, except the common knowledge that it's 2mp, symbian 40, and stereo Bluetooth. The handset also may come in with 128MB of memory built in, and not 1GB as previously speculated.

Going by first opinion, the Nokia 8600 is fashionable as well as elegant. The rounded corners and smooth features give it an almost-futuristic appearance. The easy-to-read high-resolution display screen too is a bonus. The phone is wrapped in a stainless steel body with a unique smoked glass sliding cover that protects the keypad but still allows access to the phone's main functions. It also has a 2 megapixel camera on the back, which helps in capturing photos good enough to print. There's also a video recorder, along with 128MB of built-in memory for storage.

Other features include a multimedia player for a wide variety of music formats and an FM radio. The stereo Bluetooth compatibility, email software, Java games and a mobile internet browser come as add-ons.




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