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Nintendogs virtual pets for Nintendo DS in US soon

Nintendogs for Nintendo DS handheld features virtual puppies that can be trained as pets.


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August 20, 2005: Nintendogs - the virtual puppy pet for Nintendo DS handheld game machine will make its debut in United States next week. Nintendogs which cost $30, is for the virtual pet lover. 

Nintendogs, or dogs from Nintendo game machine have been available in Japan for months. Nintendogs are like a real life digital rendering of the world's most-admired pets - puppies. 

Nintendogs is a classic example of how interactive and lively the Nintendo can be with its microphone, built-in wireless and two screens one touch sensitive. 

Just like in the real world, acquiring a puppy starts with a visit to the kennel. You can toy around with several breeds of puppies. Once you have the puppy, you can name it. 

The puppy is shown in 3D with good quality. The puppies will do all the thingslike a real puppy. They will sniff around, pant and bark when excited. 

The DS touch screen and microphone are ingeniously developed. You can rub your puppy by rubbing it on the bottom screen.

Next thing you have to do is teach him/her the essential tricks. You can do it by speaking into the microphone and then rewarding it with a rub on the back or behind its ear. You can teach him to sit, stand and shake or do other chores. What you have to keep in mind is that, when you speak to your Nintendog, you should be very clear. 

The most interesting part of Nintendogs is that, the game is real-time. So, if you leave your puppy alone for a day or two, you wont find him energetic or lively when you are back. He will just refuse to play with you. The Nintendog will be thirsty and hungry. Just give him some food and water; he will be alright by then. 

You can have real fun with the Nintendog puppy, teaching him how to beg, shake and take a walk aorund the virtual block. Don't be surprised if you become so sentimental about your pixelated pup, after some weeks. 

There are three versions of Nintendogs, each of them having different breeds.



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