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Nintendo Revolution is brewing!

Nintendogs - the virtual puppy pet for Nintendo DS handheld game machine have made their debut inUS. Nintendogs which cost $30, is for the virtual pet lover.  Nintendogs, or dogs from Nintendo game machine have been available in Japan for months. Nintendogs are like a real life digital rendering of the world's most-admired pets

14 March, 2005:

The rumour is for real. Nintendo is readying its latest gaming assault titled Nintendo Revolution. At a game developers’ conference in the US, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed this. The Nintendo revolution, the next-gen successor to Nintendo Game Cube, will be launched in 2006. The Nintedo president did not give out too many details, but gamers will be delighted to hear that it will be a wireless experience. The new product will also be backward-compatible, the Nintendo chief assured,

Satoru Iwata said: the new interface will allow for several forms of innovation. Already the Nintendo DS is sporting a touch screen, microphone and input pen. Expect more from Nintendo Revolution.

Speaking about the Nintendo Revolution, Iwata said: It is better to have voice control in the game, because it changes the way a game is played. He also said that game developers should think beyond real life graphics. “There is already photo-realism in many of the games.” Expect Nintedo Revolution to be more intuitive and brainy than others of its ilk.

But will Nintendo revolution be able to take on the new Microsoft Xbox which is set for launch this year? With its launch slated for 2006, the Nintendo Revolution will be a late starter. By then, expect Sony too to corner a good chunk of the gaming market with its Playstation Portable. Playstation Portable has already been launched in Japan.

But Iwata does not see other game companies posing a major threat to Nintendo Revolution. “Whether Nintendo is a winner or loser on Revolution totally depends on how our customers react to it, and since they do not know much about it, I can't respond. A year or two from now, it will be interesting to know who ultimately made the right choices. I'm confident we have made the right decisions,: he said in an interview to Business Week.

At the game developers’ conference, Iwata also treated the game developers to a preview of ‘Legend of Zelda”, a game being developed for the Nintendo DS. The game will be released later this year.

The Nintendo Revolution is expected to be powerhouse of gaming and miles ahead of its upgraded Nintendo Game Cube.

Nintendo is also concerned that the development of games like the Nintendo Revolution will alienate third party game developers like Electronic Arts, which they are keen to rope in. The Nintendo chief has hinted that third party publishers are worried over their fam following, while Nintendo Revolution is trying to define new markets.



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