New iPad 2 case reveals camera and SD card slot

Monday, December 13, 2010, 7:07 by Tech Correspondent

The new Apple iPad is expected to be out early next year and we all are speculating what it would be like. Quanta Computer has received a contract from Apple to assemble the company’s second-generation tablet personal computer, the Apple Daily has reported, citing unnamed industry sources.

Analysts are convinced that the device will have a front camera for video calling. Video calling seems a likely possibility because Apple has been working on its FaceTime video conferencing technology and will want to use it in the new iPad. Related: iPad 2 to ship in February?

apple ipad photo

Photo: Apple iPad tablet computer

The unofficially dubbed iPad 2 ought to have a USB drive because transferring data is impossible just now, unless it is transferred wirelessly. Also, by default, Apple iPads cannot open zipped attachments, nor can they open Microsoft Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations or Word files. Alse see: Previous iPad 2 rumors

And if you say you’re just going to use yours as a book, think again – especially if you’re not the type who sits up straight in a chair while reading. Try lying down on your side and reading from an iPad. Let us say you’re lying on your left side and have your head propped up with your hand, with your elbow on the bed and you want to read from your iPad which is lying next to you. Now let’s say you incline the iPad to about 45 degrees with respect to the bed and expect the iPad to maintain portrait orientation similar to how a book would be. Your iPad, though, will switch to landscape layout as soon as it is inclined to 45 degrees because of its orientation sensor, so this absolutely essential posture for readers is impossible with an iPad! (Many touchscreen phones also pose a similar problem.)

Despite all this, research firm Strategy Analytics says that iPads command about 95.5 percent of the tablet market. Some emerging competitors are Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. Anyhow, here’s hoping that Apple fixes these snags.

As for what the new iPad will in fact be capable of, there’s more on that below, which we got from technology blog iLounge, which in turn deduced this information from a new iPad case that’s been made by Chinese manufacturer MacTop Electronics.

Based on an analysis of the case, it appears that the new iPad will be slimmer than the current version. From a hole on the back of the case it seems the device will indeed have a rear facing camera, and it looks like the tablet will have a larger speaker as well.

The great bit of news, however, is the presence of a slit possibly meant for an SD card, though knowing Apple, so much leeway to transfer data is highly unlikely.

Tech blog DigiTimes had earlier reported that Apple would release the new iPad in about three months’ time – or in February next year. This blog, however, doesn’t seem to be the best source for Apple related secrets considering that it earlier predicted that Apple would release a 7-inch iPad which Apple CEO Steve Jobs later said would be inferior to the current 10-inch version. For now, we’ll just have to wait and watch.

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