New Apple MacBook Pro tech specs leaked

Thursday, February 24, 2011, 9:08 by Tech Correspondent

The tech specs of Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro, which is to be released in California today, were leaked to a German website then translated it for the rest of us. So, here goes:

The 13-inch LED backlit Apple notebook device is said to use an intel Core i5 CPU with 4GB of RAM. It has a Sandy Bridge integrated graphics engine and 320GB of hard drive memory.

The new MacBook Pro is enabled with a high-speed wireless data transfer protocol called Thunderbolt, which is perhaps Light Peak, Intel’s solution for removing all the wires that a laptop is usually tied to. These could include storage devices, modems, power cords, data transfer wires and so forth. Suggested read: Apple files patent for more powerful batteries

apple macbook pro photo

Photo: Apple MacBook Pro

Intel invented Light Peak and licensed it a number of hardware makes, but when the company was asked whether Light Peak would make USB 3.0 technology redundant (which is presumably what it is meant to do,) the Intel executive said something to the effect of how “you know Intel supports USB 3.0,” which is somewhat evasive.

Anyhow, considering that anything as radical sounding as Light Peak will take time to implement, it is possible that there’s still room for USB 3.0, and who knows, perhaps even USB 4.0.

Apple, true to its form, seems to have done the cool thing by using Thunderbolt, though the new MacBook Pro does have a tonne of ports all around its edges. Perhaps if it didn’t, the device wouldn’t support all of one’s old storage devices and modems, etc.

MacBook Pro will have an HD camera integrated with Apple’s FaceTime software for video chats, and has an 8x slot loading SuperDrive. It has two USB ports, an SDXC slot and fire wire port. Also see: iPad 2 rumors and features

People who use MacBook Pros have expressed their wish for shorter boot times – that should happen with a faster processor; HD webcams, which MacBook Pro will very likely have; Nvidia GeForce graphics card, which is out of question; and no optical drive, also known as CD player; and more battery life – now people are just being greedy because Apple’s at the very forefront where electricity use is concerned. The company claims that current MacBook Pros deliver about 8 to 9 hours on a single charge, though that might work out to about 6 hours of reasonably heavy use in real life.

The new MacBook Pro is expected to be 12.78 x 8.94 x 0.95 inches and weigh 4.5 pounds, similar to the current 13-inch model.


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