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Virus spreads through MSN sex

MSN chatters beware: There is a worm hiding inside that sexy attachment you just received from your MSN contact. In fact, the worm has tricked you into believing that your contact sent it. Stay on alert.


Having a hot time on MSN? Looking for webcams and sex on chat? Trouble is on the way! A new worm is out targetting the MSN chatting community. The W32.Bropia worm transmits across MSN users, where it comes as an attached file under filenames like Drunk_lol.pif", "Webcam_004.pif", "sexy_bedroom.pif", "naked_party.pif" or "love_me.pif. The worm downloads itself into the chatter's machine as he/she opens the attachment. The 185-KB file shows a featherless turkey on opening and infects the machine.

Bropia worm disables mouse right button, slows down the computer and changes the volume settings of the computer. Once the MSN messenger client has been infected, Bropia sends a copy of itself to all one's messenger contacts.

Bropia then downloads a Trojan which gives access to the PC in order to collect the PC user's keystrokes and then send pornographic instant message spam.

The Bropia virus first appeared on the Net in September 2004. This is the sixth mutation of the W32.Bropia virus. The latest variant is deadlier than the previous incarnation. Thousands of PCs were reportedly affected in Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan by Friday morning.

South Korea was the first to be by the W32.Bropia, which soon spread to Japan, Taiwan and mainland China. Europe and the United States reported less damage.

In Taiwan, Microsoft urged MSN users who received the attached worm to check with the contact wither he or she really sent a file. "Otherwise just delete it," Microsoft Taiwan said.

Those infected with the new Bropia variant should close MSN immediately and download a patch from Symantec or Trend Micro. After downloading the patch, it should be run against all execution files in hard drives, and the PC rebooted.

Trend Micro has a free download site at

MSN Messenger is the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. Many corporations even use it as their in-house communication tool due to its ease of use.

Trend Micro has issued a "medium risk" alert for Bropia, to raise awareness of this worm that spreads via MSN Messenger.

Danish security watchdog Secunia has issued a "medium" alert over the newly-discovered Bropia worm, warning that it is spreading fast via MSN Messenger. The spybot is particularly damaging, Secunia warned. It hunts out Windows identity keys and certain application activation codes and feeds the information to the sender via Internet Relay Chat (IRC).


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