MSI India to launch 14 new G-series, Classic series, E-series, and Slim series notebooks

Thursday, January 21, 2010, 13:21 by Tech Correspondent

Micro Star International has announced 14 new notebook models across five series, thereby expanding its laptop line up in India. The new launches include the G-series, classic series, E-series entertainment notebooks, X Slim series and the U-Series Wind Netbooks, which target various sections of the Indian market.

Tony Yang, the newly appointed managing director of MSI India said “Our 2010 notebook line-up is based on feedback from users world-wide and backed by MSI’s strong R&D. With our 14 new models, we are able to provide Indian consumers, a notebook suited for every need.”

MSI G-Series gaming notebooks specifications

Photo: MSI GT640 G-Series notebook

The powerful MSI G-Series GT640 and GT740 notebooks, made specially for gaming, feature Intel Calpella flat-screen 15.4 inch and 17-inch monitors with Intel Ci7 Quad-Core processors.

Both run Windows 7 Premium, sport 2.0-megapixel webcam, HDMI out, wireless lan with Bluetooth, and offer exclusive Cinema Pro technology.

Photo: MSI GT740 G-Series notebook

Priced at Rs 88,000 and upwards, the G-Series laptops have NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M’s 3D discrete graphics.

MSI E-Series Entertainment Series notebook specifications

The EX465 has a 15-inch LED backlit display, weighs 2 kg including battery, and is powered by an Intel Core Duo Processor. It comes with a Radeon HD-4330 3D graphics card with 16:9 aspect ratio and Eco engine technology, which is an MSI proprietary.

The MSI E-Series is available at price starting Rs 38,999.

MSI X350, X420, X620 and X430 Slim series notebook specifications

The MSI X350, X420, X620 and X430 are the new X-Slim series notebooks that have been launched. They are based on the Intel CULV energy saving platform and are powered by Intel Core2 Duo processors.

Photo: MSI S620 Slim Series notebook

This series is known for its extra-long battery life enabled by LED which is only about 70 per cent of the traditional panel. The 15.6-inch MSI X620 comes with ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5430 3D graphics card with DDR3 1G VRAM.

The new notebooks have excellent 3D computing with its 3D Boost technology. The MSI X-Slim series of notebooks are prices at Rs 45,000 and above.

MSI Classic Series notebooks

The MSI CR420, CX420 and CR620 comes with 20 per cent enhanced performance from its previous generation and an operating
speed enhancement up to 30 per cent, the company has said.

Powered by an Intel Corei5 CPU, these notebooks are based on the Intel Calpella platform that offers image processing up to 1080p high-definition.

The MSI Classic CR420, CX420 and CR620 notebooks will be available at a price starting at Rs 38,000, depending on the selected configuration.

MSI U Series Wind notebooks

Photo: MSI Wind U135 notebook

MSI’s ultra-portable and light series, the U Series Wind notebooks, Wind U130 and U135 are special edition notebooks, both powered by Intel’s new ATOM N450 processor that offers low battery consumption.

The MSI Wind U130 and U135 notebooks have an outer shell that is coated with colour film print and has rippling water designs. They have 10-inch widescreen display, 1.3-megapixel webcam, wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, two channel stereo speakers, and microphone.

These notebooks, too, comes with MSI’s ECO engine technology that enhances the ATOM N450 processor and increases its battery life.

The Wind U130 and U135 are priced at Rs 19,000 and Rs 21,000 respectively.

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