Motorola Olympus US launch in December or January

Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 14:58 by Tech Correspondent

It is rumored that Motorola Olympus would reach the US markets some time in the month of December or January. Originally, the Olympus was slated for release towards the end of January 2010.

This news comes courtesy an AT&T official who posted a comment about Olympus’ launch date on the social networking site, Facebook. The post said that Olympus will be launched this year-end or next year in January.

However, AT&T refused to comment any thing on Motorola Olympus official launch date. In fact, it immediately pulled the comments from the social site. When asked about its comments on the site, AT&T said, “We don’t have any information to share about upcoming launches and that the message was posted erroneously.”

motorola olympus photo

Photo: Motorola Olympus Smartphone

There are rumors that Motorola Olympus will be powered by Tegra 2 chip that should give it HD video capabilities and run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The leaked photos suggest two cameras and a screen size larger than 3.7 inches—most likely a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen. Apart from the usual microSD card slot, Olympus will also have HDMI port.

The battle for Android phones has been heating up with very strong offerings from Samsung and HTC. And Motorola hasn’t exactly set the market on fire with its recent models—it has been living off its Droid for some time now.

The spec sheet for Olympus suggests Olympus is a serious attempt by Motorola to raise the stakes and get the gadget gurus back on its side of the fence.

The post also suggests that Olympus is heading to AT&T. In the recent past, Motorola seems to be keeping its best Android phones for Verizon and giving AT&T models such as Flipside and Flipout. Motorola is working on a very similar handset for Verizon called Motorola Etna, which is expected to be released in February or March. The device is said to be totally LTE compatible with Verizon’s new network.

So, we have to wait and watch whether Motorola Olympus does indeed hit the shelves before the end of the year. More importantly, we will be watching closely the final spec sheet when Olympus arrives on the market to see if it indeed has what it takes to emerge a champion.

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