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Motorola Launches Multi-Line eMTA to Optimize Networks

26 May 2008

To extend its broadband reach, Motorola, Inc introduced new Multi-Line leMTA to optimise Networks with converged voice and data. The new gadget is a ruggedized, modular embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter (M-eMTA) that provides cost-effective, flexible, multi-line IP voice and high-speed data (HSD) services all in one device. Motorola's SURFboard M-eMTA platform can be applied to both multi-tenant businesses and multi-dwelling residential installations to extend broadband coverage to customers.

Motorola's SURFboard M-eMTA platform provides a multi-line high-speed data and IP voice solution, broadening the reach of service providers' networks. The platform unlocks new revenue opportunities for operators that extend their offerings to commercial services for small- and medium-sized businesses. With the demand for voice and broadband services rising, Motorola is exploring ways to help their customers deliver and extend these capabilities in and out of the home or business. According to Alan Lefkof, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola Broadband Solutions Group the new service would help broadband service provider partners to build and grow their businesses. It would ensure that consumers have convenient access to voice and data applications when and where they need them.

For consumers, the Motorola's SURFboard M-eMTA platform enables one bill for voice and data services, simultaneous use of both the phone line and the computer, and support for services like caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding. As the M-eMTA can be located outdoors or in a utility closet, customers no longer need to be available or at home for the cable company to install services or make repairs. Capable of replacing indoor eMTAs in an apartment building or small business, the SURFboard M-eMTA platform is smartly designed to address efficient use of space, offers easy access for installations and repairs, and is an economical, environmentally-hardened solution for cable operators to offer commercial voice and HSD services. The scalable, high-capacity platform features interchangeable modules, allowing any combination of two- or four-line modules per unit for the utmost flexibility granting cable operators up to 48 lines within one unit. The platform is enhanced by Motorola's NBBS device management platform. NBBS is a highly scaleable service and CPE management system that enables an excellent end-user experience while minimizing operator support costs and bringing quality of service to the edge of the network. Intuitive Web-based diagnostics allow for quick and easy troubleshooting, and maximum security encryption bolsters security.






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