Most popular Android phone yet? Its the Motorola Droid

Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 11:30 by Tech Correspondent

Hasn’t the Motorola Droid become too old already? Passé? Apparently not.

Droid vs iPhone comparison: the Droid's Keyboard

According to a report released by AdMob, the company that is into measuring ad traffic from websites on mobiles phones, the Motorola Droid is still ahead of everyone else.

AdMob of course does not count all web traffic – only the traffic from those mobile phones which access sites where its ads are being displayed. But that is a substantial and representative sample for most purposes. According to their findings, around one-third of all Android traffic to websites which display their ads are coming from Motorola Droid.

Motorola has reason to be happy about that. The company was on a steady downward spiral when they decided to adopt the Android OS. They marketed it well, positioning the Droid as the antithesis of the wimpy iPhone – and sales were high. The single smartphone running Android (at that point) managed to arrest the slide, and make Motorola a contender again in the smartphone stakes.

So now the Motorola Droid is the most popular Android phone. That is the data from March, things might change in 2010.

Which are the next most popular Android smartphones then?

Amazingly, positions two, three and four in the Android popularity stakes are taken by HTC Android phones. No wonder Apple decided to take on HTC, and attack Android by proxy! The number two slot is occupied by HTC Hero, which accounted for 19 % of the traffic. HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) and HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) both share the third sport honors, with popularity for both at 11 % each.

Another Motorola, the Motorola Cliq, accounts for ten per cent of the total Android Web traffic.

Very good news indeed for Motorola and HTC, for sure. The Google Nexus One, one of the most powerful Android phones in the market currently, has only two per cent of the market in March 2010.

One major reason for the success of Android as an alternative to the iPhone and Nokias and Windows Mobile is the variety it offers. There are full touch Android phones, there are QWERTY Android phones… pretty much every form factor you like is available from some manufacturer or the other.

A bunch of Android smartphones have been launched or are in the pipeline in 2010: So this is probably the year when we will see the Motorola Droid losing its position as the most popular Android smartphone. No matter. Motorola better come up with something dramatic to maintain its ranking soon!

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