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Mobile TV by 2008

Mobile TV to get popular across the world by 2008.

November 28, 2006

Come 2008, and mobile TV would find a place among the masses. In a bid seen as making this possible, Ericcson and Sony have decided to work together to develop software to link their products through wireless networks and to cash in on the expected boom for mobile TV.

Reports quoting Sweden's LM Ericsson said that in 2008, about one-third of the world's mobile phone users will regularly be watching TV broadcasts on their handsets.

According to a study released by research company IDG last month, users of mobile phones will snap up a record 1 billion mobile phones this year. Mature markets are seen experiencing strong demand for replacement handsets as consumers opt for new features such as music phones and email-enabled devices. The report said that a record total of 254.6 million cellphones were sold in the third quarter and predicted an even stronger holiday season with cellphones appearing high on people's wish lists.

Meanwhile, going ahead with their Mobile TV plans, Ericsson and Sony demonstrated a series of solutions based on the Digital Living Network Alliance standard. This standard helps people share film footage and pictures between a handset and a regular television at the click of a button. Interestingly, both the companies said they expect similar gadgets and applications to hit markets as early as late 2007.

Ericsson also announced a contract with Belgian phone operator Proximus to provide an end-to-end solution for mobile TV broadcasts.


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