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Mobile gaming conference in Delhi


6 September, 2005: India's first ever conference on mobile gaming will take place in New Delhi on 21 22 September, 2005. The conference, organized by Informedia India at the Hotel Hyatt Regency, will bring together experts on mobile gaming in India provide strategic insights on the mobile gaming industry in the Indian subcontinent.

The conference is being organized by Informedia India, a joint venture company of London based T&F Informa plc and London based Expomedia Group plc.

The conference on Mobile Gaming also aims to bring game developers, mobile hand set manufacturers, aggregators, publishers and senior practitioners of the industry on a common platform.

The mobile gaming conference would cover topics such as India's rising role as a future for gaming markets & Industry, role of hand set compatibility with new games, India as an emerging global hub for increasing Investments and gaming ARPUs, analysis of the role of various technical & Infrastructure Issues, discussing and developing various Pricing & Revenue trends.

Developing market dissemination strategies for reaching newer and underserved sections of the market, customer retention and loyalty trends, strategies for nurturing and preserving the expanding game community are some of the other topics the first-ever conference on mobile gaming would look into.

The conference would have some of the industry stalwarts such as Vishal Gondal of Indiagames, Vishal Maheshwari of Yahoo India Web Service, Rajiv Hiranandani of Mobile2Win and Alok Kejriwal of Contest2Win.




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