Mitsubishi to display 92-inch 3D TV at CES 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 14:25 by Tech Correspondent

A monster 3D TV will be displayed by Mitsubishi at the CES 2011 at Las Vegas this week.

Yes, you heard it right. Mitsubishi will reveal its latest 92-inch rear projection 3D TV set under its brand of theatre sized 3D home cinema TVs. The company will also showcase a line of 60, 65, 73 and 82-inch versions. Some time back, an 82-inch TV was at the top of its list of expensive home furnishings. Besides the 92-inch DLP rear projection monster, Mitsubishi will also be displaying what it claims is the world’s first HD 1080p front projection 3D TV system. Related: 3D TVs in India

Mitsubishi’s 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV offers StreamTV Internet media and comes with multi-speaker Immersive Sound Technology (IST). The new Mitsubishi giant 3D TV also supports Bluetooth streaming audio, four HDMI inputs and a USB media player. Furthermore, the 92-inch 3D TV from Mitsubishi hosts a 120Hz sub-frame rate and a new clear contrast screen. Also see: Will CES 2011 lift 3D TV sales?

mitsubishi 92-inch 3d tv photo

Photo: Mitsubishi 92-inch 3D TV

Frank DeMartin, vice president, marketing at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America says, “Mitsubishi Electric has consistently delivered big, bright, technologically-advanced displays from one of the world’s largest HD video screen at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, and now to our super-sized 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV. With our new 92-inch 3D TV, Mitsubishi will continue to fuel the home 3D market, where size does matter to consumers looking to create an immersive 3D home entertainment experience for movies, sports, games and all sorts of new and exciting 3D content”.

And if you think 92-inch screen is the largest offering in 3D TVs from Mitsubishi, you might have to think again. The company also has a 155-inch OLED display ready and waiting to fit your entire wall. The unit is intended for digital signage.

Mitsubishi is also launching a 3D projector at the CES 2011. Mitsubishi Diamond HC9000 promises to offer high-quality, high-definition presentation with advanced stunning, crisp images, dazzling color, and leading-edge picture enhancing technologies. Those championing 3D insist that it is a powerful tool and when used correctly offers a premium entertainment experience for movie goers.

Well,  Mitsubishi’s efforts are impressive, but the recent sales of 3D TV sets have left many a retailers disappointed. Industry tracker Display Search says that only 2 percent of all TV sales this year comprised of 3D models. Earlier this year, retailers had estimated that at least 5 percent sales would be driven by 3D TVs. Also see: Philips glasses-free 3D TV

Analysts say that sluggish economy, lack of content, few 3D movie offerings and high costs of 3D TV sets are the reasons for low sales. Mitsubishi may have a hard time pushing its monster 3D TV to the consumers till some really good 3D content is available in the market.

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