Mitsubishi Diamond 3D projector coming to CES 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 16:26 by Tech Correspondent

Mitsubishi Electric plans to display 3D-ready Diamond projector at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011.

The new Diamond HC9000 3D High-Definition Home Theater Projector from Mitsubishi Electric made its debut at CEDIA Home Theater Show in Atlanta in September 2010. The Mitsubishi Diamond HC9000D projector offers a contrast ratio of 120,000:1 with 1080p resolution. The 3D projector is expected to be available in November but its pricing has not been revealed by the company yet. Must read: Top 3D projectors for your home theater

Mitsubishi Diamond HC9000 promises to offer high-quality, high-definition presentation with advanced stunning, crisp images, dazzling color, and leading-edge picture enhancing technologies. Those championing 3D insist that it is a powerful tool and when used correctly offers a premium entertainment experience for movie goers. Now with 3D projectors, the big screen 3D experience can be had at home too. Related: Will CES 2011 lift 3D TV sales?

mitsubishi diamond 3D projector photo

Photo: Mitsubishi Diamond 3D Projector

The true cinematic experience is achieved by screening 3D images over 100-inch screens. The cutting-edge reflective liquid-crystal optical engine-SXRD, 120,000:1 full on/full off resolution, and built-in extra-low dispersion glass into its six-piece, 17-cluster structure matches the original content, minimizes chromatic aberration and bid crystal-clear results.

The 120Hz refresh rate on Mitsubishi Diamond HC9000 3D High-Definition Home Theater produces ultra-smooth transitions with life-like images.  The auto-iris function controls the manual operation aperture setting for each scene while independent management function adjust color characteristics including hue intensity without affecting any colors.

Mitsubishi claims that Diamond HC9000 3D projector has low energy consumption with an estimated 4000-hour lamp life. Mitsubishi Diamond 3D projector boasts two HDMI version 1.4 inputs for 3D signals, as well as provides easy set-up options for multiple video inputs, and RS232 for plug-and-play connectivity with third-party remote operations.

Moreover, installing the projector is not a great issue as it is supposed to bear 1.8x powered-zoom range and perfect horizontal and vertical lens shift to accommodate even more complicated room configuration.

In related news, JVC is also all set to exhibit their new THX 3D certified projectors at the CES 2011. JVC DLA-X9 and JVC DLA-X7 are industry’s first home theater projectors to receive THX 3D display certification. THX 3D Cinema Mode offers acute 3D color for 3D broadcasts and Blu-ray Discs and they also provides immersive 3D experience by diminishing cross-talk and flicker. The new flagship Precision projectors DLA-X9 and DLA-X7 are available now at a cost of $11,995 and $7,995 respectively.

As Samsung, LG and others are prepared to line-up their full LED 3D TVs, it is certain that the CES 2011 will showcase a broad range of innovative3D-ready products and best projection technology.

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