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HCL MiLeap X laptops for Rs 13,990

16 January 2008

HCL Infosystems has launched the MiLeap X, which will be priced at 40 per cent less than the cheapest laptop in the market.

HCL's MiLeap X will retail for just Rs 13,990. The company has said that MiLeap X, an ultra portable, next generation laptop, will open up a wide range of new usage scenarios and application areas. The MiLeap X series will have both flash based and disk based storage systems.

The new laptop will cater to schools, colleges, and government departments. There is undoubtedly a market for cheap laptops in India. HCL Infosystems stands to gain if it enters into a sales pact with educational institutes and government departments in this regard, said market experts.

HCL has also launched the MiLeap Y series priced at Rs 29,990. HCL has said that the MiLeap Y series is powered by Intel Ultra Mobile Platform, Microsoft’s Vista Home Premium, and weighs 960 gm. The MiLeap Y series has an 80GB HDD, wireless connectivity, Data Card option, blue tooth & Ethernet network port.

The Microsoft Windows Vista Home premium powered MiLeap Y series is priced at Rs 33,990.

HCL, a major in the personal computer and server space, has garnered around seven percent of the country’s laptop market. The laptop market is dominated by major players such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and Acer. These big three had sold 980,000 units in the third quarter of 2007, almost double the numbers sold in 2005.

The new laptops will be manufactured at HCL’s manufacturing facility in Pondicherry. It has been said that the company would start shipping the laptops by January 26, 2008. Both the models come with Intel processor and weigh less than a kg, said a review.




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