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Microsoft, Toshiba strengthen relationship

Companies announce significant expansion of global relationship


28 June, 2005: Microsoft and Toshiba have unveiled an expansion of the their internatioanal relationship to better the development and delivery of novel digital consumer electronics products and PCs, by mutual sharing of hardware and software technologies. The extended tie-up is crafted to speed up the availability of new gadgets for customers.

According to Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft: "Microsoft values our strong relationship with Toshiba, a company we admire for its long-standing commitment to innovation. This agreement demonstrates our desire to share our innovations with other companies in ways that promote the spread of new ideas — and benefit customers by accelerating the development of exciting new products."

Microsoft and Toshiba have decided to explore development of HD DVD players using Microsoft® Windows®CE technology, with the marriage of Microsoft's skills in software and computer technologies with Toshiba's expertise in consumer electronics and computing. Microsft and Toshiba also plan to strengthen their collaboration on iHD, the DVD Forum's latest interactivity format.

Microsoft and Toshiba undertake joint ongoing projects to deliver leading mobile PCs and expand the mobile market, displaying integration of the crucial software features of Windows with the breakthrough hardware innovations from Toshiba. Microsoft and Toshiba have also been working together to promote Windows XP-based Tablet PCs and Media Center PCs on a global basis, offering new PC work styles and benefits. Microsoft and Toshiba also expect to develop and deliver compelling mobile PCs with the next version of the Windows operating system, code-named Windows Longhorn.

last month, 2005 Microsoft and Toshiba signed a cross-licensing deal to push the exchange of innovations developed by each company. The agreement encompasses developments in computer and digital consumer electronics arenas. 

Ssaid Atsutoshi Nishida, president and CEO of Toshiba: "We are very excited to take our long-standing partnership with Microsoft to the next level. Our companies have worked together since Toshiba launched the world's first laptop PC back in 1985, and we enjoy a relationship rooted in mutual respect and understanding. We look forward to extending the scope of our relations to encompass HD DVD, a major driver of the next-generation consumer electronics.




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Microsoft, Toshiba strengthen relationship



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