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Microsoft acquires Aquantive for USD 6 billion

20 May, 2007

US based software giant Microsoft, has acquired Aquantive, the digital marketing firm, for USD 6 billion in an all-cash deal.

Microsoft's buy of Aquantive is expected to boost Microsoft's presence in the online advertising market, which has already been targeted by Google and Yahoo, Microsoft's main rivals. Aquantive is an advertising agency which advises website publishers and other clients to publish advertisements on the net and thus connects buyers and sellers.

Microsoft's offer of USD 6 billion, which is valued at USD 66.50 per share is 85% more than the closing price of Aquantive on Thursday.

Kevin Johnson, head of Microsoft's platforms and services division, said, "This deal takes our advertising business to a new level. We are committed to earn a bigger slice of the 40bn pie that's growing."

Microsoft's Aquantive buy comes close on the heels of the buys by other software majors, Yahoo and Google, which bought Right Media Exchange and Double Click for USD 3.1 billion and USD 680 million, respectively.

The Microsoft-Aquantive deal is expected to be complete by the first half of 2008 and the deal is subject to regulation. Aquantive, which has 2600 employees will continue to operate from Seattle and will be a part of Microsoft's online operations.





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