LG VX10000 mobile phone from Reliance priced Rs 22k

Monday, November 23, 2009, 21:03 by Tech Correspondent

Reliance Communications has launched LG VX10000 touchscreen phone in India at a price of Rs 22,000. The dual-screen LG VX10000 is part of LG’s attempt to widen its CDMA user base in India.

Photo: LG VX1000 now from Reliance

Photo: LG VX1000 now from Reliance

The LG VX10000 looks a bit like the Motorola Droid. (See photos alongside). There are two screens on this flip-up phone, the one on the outside being the touch-sensitive one. Both screens – internal and external – are 2.81 inches in size. There is a real QWERTY keyboard too. The scratch-proof touchscreen has a vibration impact for typing feedback. For multimedia, the LG VX10000 comes with dual speakers. The touchscreen has a display resolution of 400X240, and can display 260,000 colors. We wish the display were better.

LG VX1000 priced at Rs 22000

LG VX1000 priced at Rs 22000

The LG VX10000 has an internal memory of 170 MB, with a slot for memory card which can increase memory up to 8GB. LG claims that the VX10000 smartphone has a talktime of up to 4 hours and a standby time of upto 480 hours.

The LG VX10000, introduced in India by Reliance Communications, is a CDMA phone in the working in the 800 /1900 MHz range; which means this is not 3G-capable. This shouldn’t matter to those who don’t use large-scale data. The LG VX10000 comes with GPS and location-based services. In the US, Verizon which sells LG VX10000 offers mobile TV services on the LG VX10000, but this doesn’t seem to be the case in India.

The LG VX10000 has a 2 megapixel still/video camera, with image editing and correction tools. The camera has autofocus and zoom, but no flash. The LG VX10000 has Bluetooth and USB for connectivity, and the phone is hooked on to Reliance Netconnect and Reliance Mobile World.

“The LG VX10000 is the first of its kind from LG dedicated to our CDMA customers and is of special interest to their business needs. With features like the Full Touch screen, QWERTY Keypad, HTML enabled browser, Push & Pull Mail, it is the most ideal phone in this segment. We have launched the LG Voyager with similar features in the US markets. The LG 10000 is another addition in our endeavor to constantly evolve and give our customers in India the latest in technology, while keening our products as user-friendly and attractive as possible,” said Steve Koh, Head of LG India.

For CDMA phone users wanting to upgrade to a better model which can carry data decently, and need GPS on their mobile, the LG VX10000 is a good option. The features on the LG VX10000 justify the price tag of Rs 22,000, though we wish the phone was 3G capable as well.

LG has not said whether the phone will be locked to Reliance services. If not, anyone with a CDMA connection – even from rival Tata Indicom – should be able to use the LG VX10000 with their operator. However, if you plan to buy the phone separately for a different operator, check with the seller and the operator first about operator-locking.

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