LG to introduce 72-inch LED 3D TV at CES 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 19:26 by Tech Correspondent

LG is set to unveil the world’s largest full LED-backlit 72-inch LCD 3D TV at the CES 2011 this week.

LG LZ9700 3D TV’s pricing is not available it may start shipping by early 2011. LG LZ9700 3D TV with its 72-inch screen size can entertain by displaying both 2D and 3D images. LG’s True-Motion 480Hz technology promises fast 3D video display and claims ideal watching thus reduces juddering movements. Related: Will CES 2011 lift 3D TV sales?

The 72-inch LCD 3D TV will pack LG TV apps and premium content like video on demand. LG Motion Remote Control enables smooth operability to switch-on various TV functions. LG LZ9700 also boasts built-in USB port, DLNA compatibility and media Link connectivity at 240 Hz refresh rate.

lg lz9700 3d lcd tv photo

Photo: LG LZ9700 3D LED TV

The screen offers 1920×1080 pixel resolution for sharper rendition of images with wider view angles. The Cinematic 3D experience is achieved by either active or passive glasses that could rule out the need of high-cost active shutters and fit compact at low cost.

LG LZ9700 3D TV is ultra-thin at only 5-inches wide and can access Internet and download videos from YouTube. Certainly, full LED Backlighting with micro-pixel control reduces flickering effects and offer full brightness.

Moreover, the Home Dash Board helps to link global providers and local sources content, movies and other applications. LG LZ9700 3D TV  comes with THX Certification that guarantee high-accuracy colorful picture quality like paintings in the art gallery, claims the company.

Also on 3D front, LG may line-up the show with HX996TS 3D home theater system, the HB906SB 3D Blu-ray 3D home theater system, and the BD690, a 3D network Blu-ray player, woofers, and upgrade TV segment with split-screen.

Despite the expected hefty price tag, similar to Vizio 3D TV, LG LZ900 promises  outstanding 3D experience. President and CEO of LG Havis Kwon says, “The LZ9700 combines the ultimate in LG’s picture quality with our latest developments in 3D TV.  With the LZ9700, LG is poised to take the lead in the TV market with the world’s largest Full LED screen that delivers a truly outstanding TV viewing experience.”

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