LG SL80 and SL90 HDTVs launched

Sunday, August 2, 2009, 11:50 by Tech Correspondent

At the Annual Summer Line Show in New York, LG launched its new series of HDTV LCD and LED TVs, the LG SL80 and SL90. The new SL80 series and SL90 series incorporate a single edge to edge panel over a slim bezel.

The invisible speaker design adds more to the good looks of the slim HDTVs.

LG SL80 HDTV photo

LG SL80 HDTV photo

The LG  SL80 series and SL90 series feature the new picture technology and energy saving technology that has an intelligent light sensor that adjusts the TV’s picture, brightness and contrast according to the surrounding light conditions automatically.

Both the LG SL80 series and SL90 series come with a full HD 1080 resolution unit.

The LG SL80 series comprises the conventional CCFL backlight but uses the TruMotion 240Hz processing that improves the motion picture response time and has a dynamic contrast of 150000:1.

It has a mechanical on/off switch to save the standby power consumed and complies with the Energy Start 3.0 ratings. The LG SL80 series and SL90 HDTV series measure just under 1.8 inches in its width.

LG SL90 HDTV photo

LG SL90 HDTV photo

The LG SL90 series features new LED backlighting which makes it look slimmer, is less than 1.15 inches wide, and has better contrast ratio than the SL80 series.

The superiority of the LED technology allows the series to achieve a mega contrast ratio of 300000:1. The LG SL90 is also equipped with TrueMotion but has a processing unit of 120Hz.

“Consumers are looking for stylish technology that fits seamlessly into their existing home equipment, without sacrificing the advanced technology they are grown accustomed to,” said Peter Reiner, senior vice president, marketing and strategy, LG Electronics, USA, INC.

“With the SL80 and SL90 LG has combined the best of design and display technology-transforming the home entertainment from something ordinaryto something better,” he added.

The LG SL80 series will be available in the market from August 2009. As for the price, the 42-, 47-, and 55-inch screen sizes of the LG SL80 will carry a price tag of USD$1,599, $1,899 and $2,799 respectively.

The LG SL90 will be launched later in 2009, in 42 and 47 inch screen sizes. The price of these models have yet to be disclosed.

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