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LG Electronics bets big on Scarlet HDTV

LG is aggressively marketing its Scarlet 1080p HDTV

10 June 2008

LG Scarlet 1080p HDTV Full HD pictureThe new Scarlet series by LG Electronics is conquering US market with bang. It has recently unveiled the “Scarlet” series, a stylish new line of “Full HD” 1080p liquid crystal display (LCD) HDTVs (LG60). LG has been now aggressively conducting global campaign included advertising, public relations and viral components to bring Scarlet to life. The integrated marketing campaign rolled out to more than 27 countries worldwide over the last four months and will continue through July. The company's presentation formed part of a worldwide marketing campaign led by high-profile TV series director David Nutter.

Key elements of the campaign include a series of broadcast, print, outdoor and online activities all featuring Scarlet, The Hit New TV Series, with famed-director David Nutter and up-and-coming actress Natassia Malthe as the stars of the campaign. According to Teddy Hwang, president, LG Electronics USA, Inc the ‘Scarlet’ campaign is a key initiative to address the growing consumer demand for distinctive design and cutting-edge technologies that can be easily integrated into their homes. LG wants to create a stylish and sleek high-definition LCD intended to help viewers transport themselves into a different realm.

The global campaign took the form of a TV show trailer featuring a central character, ‘Scarlet,’ who can play romance, action, period-drama, sci-fi, or thriller but who also has a secret. The Scarlet campaign has complemented by print ads of the LG60 in major consumer publications. Completing the integrated marketing package, LG will also launch a Scarlet online component where visitors can experience exclusive content and learn more about the HDTV LCD and LG’s Scarlet campaign. The stylish Scarlet HDTV LCD series ranges from 32- to 52-inches. The line features versatile design and technological innovations, including stunningly 1.8-inch thin models (42- and 47-inch), unique red-color accents and invisible speaker design.






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