LG launches SmartTV apps platform at CES 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011, 13:17 by Tech Correspondent

LG has introduced SmartTV – a platform for TV apps – at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas.

LG SmartTV provides users access to thousands of movies, apps and videos, and the ability to browse the Web through their television sets. LG’s SmartTV platform is user-friendly and has four main sections: TV Live, Premium Content, TV Apps and a Launch Bar. The global rollout of LG SmartTV will begin in early 2011, but there is no word from the company on the platform’s pricing yet. Related: LG SmartTV at IFA 2010

LG SmartTV is compatible with a range of LG’s new LED, LCD and Plasma HDTVs, including: LK530, LV3700, LV5500, LW5600, LW6500, LW7700, LW9500, LZ9700, PZ750 and PZ950. The SmartTV platform is also available on a number of Blu-ray Disc players and Home Theater systems, like: BD650, BD670, BD690, LH336, LHB536 and LHB976.

lg app store photo

Photo: LG App Store

Moreover, for users who don’t have the above mentioned systems but would like to enjoy SmartTV technology, LG has brought out LG SmartTV Upgrader, a set-top box that provides any television with an HDMI input the ability to access numerous content including movies, sports, television programming, music and premium applications. Also see: Google TV not ready in time for CES

Unlike conventional remote controls with many buttons, LG has made a shift with its motion controlled Magic Remote. However, a QWERTY keyboard app is also available for download on Android smartphones or Apple iPhone. The drag and drop function on LG SmartTV makes control more convenient.

LG SmartTV is backed by a host of entertainment providers like VUDU, NetFlix, You Tube, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video on Demand and Live Streaming Sports. The LG App store is flooded with hundreds of customized applications including lifestyle, education, entertainment and games for whole family. A Web browser found on LG Smart TV and LG Upgrader models can access news, reviews, and a host of other content on the screen without the need for laptop to access the Internet.

LG’s Smart Share function let the users to wirelessly stream content from compatible devices for viewing on their television screen and also enables them to transfer the stored content from their PC and also access simultaneous Meta data. Smart Share also includes a Media Link, which provides additional information, such as cover art or liner notes, for content being streamed.

“LG SmartTV provides viewers with endless options on their television, however, if these entertainment features are difficult to access or select, consumers will not truly enjoy the technology,” said Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, Home Electronics, LG Electronics USA, at the CES 2011 launch. “We have designed our LG SmartTV platform to be as easy and simple to use as possible, so that viewers spend their time engaging with their television, rather than navigating it.”

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