LG Amundsen GPS phone with OPhone Android launched in China

Thursday, November 26, 2009, 17:11 by Tech Correspondent

LG Amundsen GW880, the third Android smartphone from LG Mobile, has been launched.

LG Amundsen China Mobile phone photo

LG Amundsen China Mobile phone photo

The LG Mobile Korean website announced that initially, the LG Amundsen will be available only in China. In China, China Mobile will sell Amundsen, running OPhone, the version of Android promoted by China Mobile.

LG did not announce the price at which the Amundsen will be launched. Here, we have some technical specifications and features of the latest Android phone in the market.

LG has named its latest Android phones after Norwegian Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole. The LG Amundsen looks eerily similar to the iPhone, (see photos and pictures alongside) in terms of overall looks as well as the display of squarish icons on its home screen. The LG Amundsen will come with GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile TV and a 5 megapixel camera. The Android Amundsen is also a 3G-enabled phone, with TD-SCDMA, the variant of 3G popular in China.

LG Amundsen runs oPhone Android

LG Amundsen runs oPhone Android

LG already has two Android phones – the LG G620, also known as LG Eve, and the LG GT540.  The touchscreen phone has a smart 3.5 inch display, with 800 X 480 WVGA resolution.

At the launch of the LG Amundsen, both companies – China Mobile and LG Electronics – said that the Chinese handset market is set to witness an explosive growth of smartphones. LG hopes to tap into this emerging market with the launch of the LG Amundsen. LG also said that the phone is secure for mobile commerce and financial transactions.

We are not sure whether LG will launch the Amundsen in India, but we will definitely welcome more Android phones into the Indian mobile market. The adoption of Android by China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator, has hugely helped this emerging mobile operating platform. Google, which promotes Android, has been driving the popularity of this mobile platform with free applications, the latest being voice-guided navigation for GPS-enabled phones. There is barely half a dozen Android models in India, and more such phones coming to India will contribute to the development of Android applications tailored for the Indian customer.

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