Lenovo Wind and Moon S10-3s netbooks for India

Friday, July 30, 2010, 11:17 by Tech Correspondent

New Lenovo Moon and Wind Windows 7 netbooks might be priced around Rs 19,000.

lenovo moon and wind netbook photos

Photo: Lenovo Moon and Wind Windows 7 netbooks

Lenovo has released two new netbooks. One is called Moon, while the other is Wind.

These are improvements on the company’s S10-3 netbooks, which are thicker and heavier.

The Moon and Wind are part of Lenovo’s S10-3s series. They weigh 1.1 kg each and are about one inch thick. These netbooks are 10.1 inches large.

The Lenovo Moon is purple and has celestial designs on it and the Wind has a pink floral design made on it. The Moon is meant to be soothing to look at, while the Wind is warm and has an energetic appearance.

The Moon, also called the IdeaPad S10-3a, will probably be available in a blackish hue as well.

Both the Moon and Wind have a Quick Start feature that allows users to access frequently used programs within 10 seconds after the machine is turned on.

Both of Lenovo’s new netbooks come with Intel Atom (N475) processors. They further have 1 GB DDR3 RAM (667MHz), 512k cache memory and clockspeed of 1.83GHz. These netbooks are also fitted with 250G (9.5mm, 5400rpm).
The devices will have Windows 7 starter edition installed on them and a 4-in-1 or 5-in-1 card reader – there is still some speculation about this feature in the industry. Both machines come loaded with antivirus, a feature for data transfer among PCs called DirectShare and a program for recovering data, in case the netbook crashes.

Connectivity capabilities include Bluetooth 2.1, LAN /BCM 4313 BGN.

Lenovo’s netbooks have a proprietary Veriface technology that enables the devices to detect faces using a 1.3 megapixel built-in web camera.

The netbooks are powered by a white 6-cell 2.2A battery each. They come with a one year warranty for parts and labour.

Apparently, Dell’s Inspiron Mini 10 is a netbook with similar features, but that does not have trendy exteriors like the Lenovo Wind and Moon netbooks do.

Although the cost of the Lenovo netbooks have not been revealed as yet, it is possible that they will be priced at around Rs 19,000 plus taxes.

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