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First ever Rocket Racing League team formed

Leading Edge Rocket Racing is the first rocket racing team, and their first team pilot is Korey "Axe" Amundson, an F-16 pilot.

From PRNewswire 
August 3, 2006

Rocket powered aircraft racing for fame and glory will become a reality as the Rocket Racing League moves forward in the development of this new sport. Recent developments include the first Rocket Racing League team -- Leading Edge Rocket Racing, hiring their first team pilot, Korey "Axe" Amundson. Amundson is a full time reserve F-16 pilot for the 302nd Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. The competition in the league is about to increase as the second league team will be announced as soon as contract negotiations are completed.

Significant progress is being made on the Mark 1 X-Racer at XCOR Aerospace headquartered in Mojave, California. XCOR Aerospace is a developer of safe, reliable and reusable rocket engines, rocket propulsion systems and rocket powered vehicles. The Mark 1 X-Racer development has achieved all major milestones including static test firings to 100% thrust on the engine, airframe integration and avionics equipment.

"We are proceeding with power plant development leading to safe, successful flight," said XCOR Aerospace President Jeff Greason. "We are extremely satisfied with progress to date. We have hit all of our major milestones and are excited about progressing with the testing and development of this vehicle."

"We are thrilled with the tremendous development to date in Mojave and could not be more pleased with what we are seeing," said Granger Whitelaw, CEO of the Rocket Racing League. "It is exciting to see this coming together."

In addition, the Rocket Racing League announced that it will not be flying the Mark 1 X-Racer at the X PRIZE Cup in October of this year. The League had hoped to accelerate the development schedule ahead of the vendor's commitment, but that has not been possible. The Rocket Racing League will continue to roll out key elements of the League at a timeline that best meets the company's business objectives.

"There are many elements that have to be brought together to make the Rocket Racing League successful. Through the efforts of our engineering staff, and that of XCOR Aerospace, we've made great strides in the X-Racer vehicle deployment," said Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman of the Rocket Racing League. "We look forward to seeing the X-Racer in the very near future."

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