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Lala.com offers free streaming music

7 June, 2007

Lala.com, the CD swapping service, will introduce a free streaming service to its users. Users will now be able to upload tunes to Lala.com and then access them from anywhere.

Initial reports say it is like the old MP3.com. To upload tunes to Lala.com users have to install a plug-in service to their PC and the service will scan your hard disk for music. If the music that you need to upload to Lala.com is already in the website, then you can access the music from anywhere. If the music that you need is absent on the service, then you can upload the music to Lala.com and then you will have access to the music from anywhere in the world. iPod integration is also included.

If the music that you need to upload to Lala.com is not in your PC, then you can stream the music to Lala.com, provided Lala.com has an agreement with the label. Warner was the first label to have signed such an agreement with Lala.com.

The free streaming service by Yahoo and Napster carries a price tag of USD 6 a month. But Lala.com assures us that the company is offering a lot of streaming music and the company will pay for that. The idea behind this concept is that this move will give the users to access more music and hence they will be more interested in buying more CDs. And Lala expects that the users will buy more music through Lala.com.

It is said that streaming music business is a low-profit one and most of the revenues go back to the record labels. New music, ofcourse, brings more money and the profits from the new CD sales go to pay for the streaming costs. And Lala expects that the new music will bring more traffic to Lala and this means more revenues for Lala and hopefully, free streaming music for customers.

This free streaming music service from Lala.com gives customers the choice to select, strip, upload and access music from wherever possible. This eliminates the difficulty of the customers to rip the music and play it at their choice.





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