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Korea-Japan Roaming Phone from Samsung

Samsung introduces Korea-Japan roaming phone 


August 13, 2005: Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of a multi-function, Korea Japan roaming mobile phone. The model named SCH-V670, has the latest multimedia features like MP3,MOD,VOD etc. The phone also comes with cutting-edge features like file viewer and mobile printing.

Samsung Electronics had earlier unveiled its first Korea-japan roaming mobile phones (model: SCH-X600, SPH-X6000) during the 2002 world cup season. The new model V670 is the second dition of these models.

In countries where the same frequency CDMA technology is used, the roaming mobile phone users can use their own phones. But the users in Japan had to rent a phone that works in Japan. The new model allows the Korean user to use the same phone in Japan, so that the user need not rent a phone there. When a mobile phone user plans to go out of the country, he just need to select that particular country from the menu thus avoiding the need to call the service provider. 

Since the new model works on EV-DO technology, rich multimedia components can be downloaded as well. The user can enjoy music or video through the phone as well as the multimedia features like MP3, VOD, and MOD, while in Japan.

A wide range of business features are also included in V670, for those customers frequenting Japan on business trips. A file viewer feature displays MS Office, PDF and JPG files directly on the phone . The phone supports wired and wireless mobile printing and the phone is also equipped with portable disks for file portability.

V-670 comes fully packed with a 1.3 mega pixel camera , GPS , remote control function for TVs, game players, and air conditioners. The phone comes in two colours- smoky black or silver. An m-commerce function is supported by Samsung V-670.

Product Features:

  1.  Automatic roaming between Korea and Japan
  2.  Latest multimedia support (VOD / MOD / MP3)
  3.  1.3 mega pixel camera
  4.  M-Commerce: Mobile banking and pay card for public transportation
  5.  File viewer and a portable disk feature
  6.  Wired and wireless printing via IrDA and Pictbridge
  7.  Doubles as a remote control for various home appliances



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