Jadoo: MTNL launches 3G in Delhi

Saturday, February 7, 2009, 15:15 by Tech Correspondent

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited has launched the first ever 3G services in India in Delhi, under the name ‘Jadoo’.

MTNL has invested around Rs 400 crores in the rollout of its 3G wireless services in Delhi. The aim is to have 200,000 3G subscribers by the end of the next year. “In one to two years,  we should have 200,000 subscribers for the service,” R.S.P. Sinha, Chairman and Managing Director, MTNL told reporters after the commercial launch of 3G services in New Delhi. Looking for 3G mobile phones in India?

To subscribe for the Jadoo 3G services from MTNL, one would have to pay Rs 500 plus taxes as an activation charge and a monthly rental of Rs 599. However, at a monthly rental of Rs 149 one can subscribe for 3G data service with a Rs 5 per MB usage charge.

MTNL’s 3G services will enable its users to get video streaming applications like live coverage and high speed internet. This will also enable them to download movies on their cellular phones.

At only Rs 3 per minute, users of MTNL 3G service Jadoo would be able to make overseas call using the VOIP technology.

If you have a 3G capable phone and an MTNL Jadoo connection, you will be able to make a video phone call to another Jadoo user at a cost of Rs 1.80 per minute. Video calls to other networks would cost Rs 3 per minute – however, at this point, no other service provider offers 3G services. 3G phones are not very popular in India right now, but it is expected that MTNL’s launch of Jadoo 3G would see an influx of 3G-enabled phones into the Indian mobile phone market.

Some time back, MTNL had launched IPTV, VOIP and latest technology ADSL 2+ broadband services. Mr. R.S.P Sinha seemed proud, “MTNL has been a pioneer in introducing the latest technology services to its customers. We have earlier launched IPTV, VOIP and latest technology broadband services as first telecom operator. Now, MTNL is the first to launch 3G  mobile services. We will continue to provide latest technology advancements at most affordable prices.”

Looking forward, MTNL hopes to extend its services to other metro cities in India, the next in line being Mumbai and Bangalore.

The 3G services have been brought to life in India mainly because of the 3G spectrum allocated to the state-owned private company by the Department  of Telecommunications last year. MTNL was the first to get the spectrum.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited too is also preparing for the commercial launch of the 3G services a  big occasion in the near future.

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