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Hackers reveal iPhone vulnerabilities

25 July, 2007

Ever since the Apple iPhone was launched, every hacker worth his salt has been trying to find bugs. Now, hackers have reportedly exposed a hole in the software of Apple iPhone that could allow hackers to take "complete control" of the device. The hackers can then steal information ranging from emails and text messages to telephone numbers.

The hackers have informed Apple about the flaw and Apple says it can be remedied easily with a software patch. The company said, "We're looking into the report submitted by ISE and always welcome feedback on how to improve our security. Apple takes security very seriously and has a great track record of addressing potential vulnerabilities."

Even before the Apple iPhone was launched, there were warnings from several quarters that since the iPhone acts more like a computer than a mobile phone, the device could be vulnerable to the attacks that a computer may have to face, including invasion by worms and viruses.

Hackers could penetrate the iPhone's security barrier by inducing its users to enter a website that could then infect it with a malicious code. Once this is done, the hacker can then make calls from it or upload/download any files to and from the iPhone.

iPhone's WiFi network could also be a problem. This can happen if they inadvertently tap into a rogue WiFi connection, which could likewise be used to compromise its integrity. So buyers of the iPhone are advised to activate their WiFi only on the spots they are familiar with.

Apple sold roughly 500,000 iPhone units in the first two days of its release in June 2007. It remains to be seen if these reports affect sales.

It is said that Apple had taken enormous security steps to ensure the security of the iPhone. But according to the hackers, "once you are there, you are in complete control."





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