iPhone 4 in India from Vodafone – expect premium prices

Friday, June 18, 2010, 17:26 by Tech Correspondent

With the Apple iPhone 4 all set to arrive in India next month, speculations on its possible price are already worrying Apple fanboys in India.

Though an official announcement has been made by Vodafone as to how early the company would be bringing the slim smartphone with a high resolution retina display to the Indian consumers, there was no mention of iPhone 4’s possible price in India.

In the US market, the iPhone4 16 GB arrives on the AT&T network with a 2 year contract for $199 , the 32 GB handset is offered for $299. With the impending arrival of the phone in India, all eyes are now on the Vodafone website to know for what price the device would start selling. As we know, in the US, carriers subsidize the price of the phone – and you end up paying a lot more for phone calls, data plans and texting – while it is the opposite in India. We pay through our noses for the latest smartphones but have it easy when it comes to data and phone charges.

Considering that the price for the iPhone 3G in India via Vodafone and Airtel stood between Rs 35,000 and Rs 40,000 – something customers thought was a bit on the higher side – we really do not know as to what kind of a response would be triggered in case the iPhone 4 comes with a price tag of somewhere around Rs 50,000. Speculations are that the iPhone 4 on Vodafone could be somewhere in that range. The iPhone 3GS in India has just made its official appearance on the Vodafone and Airtel networks . Though the iPhone 3G price has been cut by around Rs 15,000 to Rs 29,500, the iPhone 3GS would sell in India at a premium. It is expected that a 16 GB model will cost Rs 35,500, while a 32GB model will come for Rs 41,500. As if in a bid to cushion the impact,  Airtel has announced a plan for iPhone 3GS users so that it could offer 500MB of data download a month for the first year free of cost.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to know what kind of a price the iPhone 4 would come with. If the iPhone comes as promised in the next month, considering the iPhone 3GS is priced high already, we are scared to think about the iPhone 4’s price here in India.

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