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Infosys in Canadian Pacific deal

21 August, 2007

Infosys Technologies has announced that it is entering into a multi-year agreement with Canadian Pacific (CP) to provide Modular Global Sourcing services for its information technology organization, Business and Information Technology Services (BITS). With this, Infosys will help CP improve its IT delivery capabilities through BITS’ strategic Bestshoring initiative.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canadian Pacific and its subsidiaries operate a 13,500-mile transcontinental railway that spans Canada, and the Northeast and Midwest regions of the United States. CP also provides logistics, supply chain expertise, and rail and intermodal transportation services.

The Calgary company had evaluated several options before opting for Infosys. The deal came about when CP recognized Infyosys' flexible, scalable solutions and expertise delivering IT services globally as the best fit for its current and future IT needs.

Canadian Pacific has said that in the world of closely-tracked, highly-accurate railway transportation, there is no room for error. “We are confident that Infosys will provide the technology that continues to meet the guidelines of this industry, while also supporting our business strategy and vision for growth,” an official said.

The five-year agreement will focus largely on application development, management and maintenance of CP’s railway operations. BITS will be utilizing Infosys’ CMM Level 5 capabilities, which will deliver the differentiated IT sourcing solutions that meet the specific accuracy requirements for CP’s control hub’s mission critical applications and train control operations.

The agreement between Canadian Pacific and Infosys may be seen as milestone in making the Calgary firm’s Bestshore strategy, a highly visible IT project in Canada’s transportation industry, come to fruition.





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