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Infosys wins marketing award

21 November, 2007

Infosys Technologies has won the Sharpening Brand and Competitive Differentiation Marketing Excellence Award from the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA).

The award has been conferred on Infosys for the strategy and execution of its “Win in the Flat World” campaign. ITSMA has recognized Infosys for its success in shifting its perception from being a provider of offshoring services to that of a partner that helps companies reshape their businesses in a flattening world, an Infosys statement said.

The Diamond award recognizes Infosys’ ability to set itself apart from the competition through innovation, execution and the business benefits resulting from the “Win in the Flat World” campaign. The marketing program behind the campaign clearly demonstrated Infosys’ unique approach towards building its credibility as a trusted transformation partner that strengthens its clients’ global competitiveness, it said.

“I’m very pleased to recognize Infosys for its extraordinary success in strengthening its competitive differentiation by using innovative approaches and technologies,” said Dave Munn, President and CEO, ITSMA. “This is a strong example of how a company can establish a defensible market position by being relevant and credible,” he added in the statement.

The “Win in the Flat World” initiative was based on in-depth research which identified that the business landscape was going through fundamental changes driven by four forces: opening of emerging economies, structural shifts in demographics, ubiquity of technology and regulation. Responding adequately to these forces requires shifting operational priorities. To help companies execute on the new operational priorities, Infosys created a Flat World solutions portfolio, currently featuring more than 50 offerings and services catered to Global 2000 companies.





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