Infibeam Pi e-reader available for pre-order at a price of Rs 9,999

Monday, February 1, 2010, 11:54 by Tech Correspondent

Infibeam has launched India’s first homegrown e-reader, the Infibeam Pi e-reader in India. The e-reader is available for pre-order and will start shipping on February 22, 2010.The slim Infibeam Pi e-reader measures 188 mm x 118 mm x 9.5 mm and weighs 180 gms. It has a 6-inch EInk black and white display screen with 600×800 pixels. The e-reader does not have a backlight and is daylight readable.

Infibeam Pi e-reader photo

Photo: Infibeam Pi e-reader

It supports English, Hindi, Sanskrit and other local Indian languages.

Infibeam Pi e-reader photo

Photo: Infibeam Pi e-reader supports Indian languages

The e-reader allows users to change the font size of the text, turn pages back and forth, jump to a specific page, add bookmark to a page, search inside a book , and organize documents.

Infibeam Pi reader menu photo

Infibeam Pi Reader Menu photo

The Infibeam Pi e-reader features a progress bar that displays the current position in the book. The e-reader also allows users to play Soduku using function keys.

The Infibeam Pi supports pdf, epub, html, txt, mobi, doc, jpg, bmp, png, and MP3 formats.

Users can listen to music while they read e-books of their choice.

It is powered by an S3C2440 processor and comes with 512MB RAM that can be expanded up to 4GB using MicroSD cards. Users can store up to 500 e-books on the device.

Other features include Mini USB slot, 3mm jack, button for 4-way navigation and selection, and buttons for back, home, plus or minus for changing the font size of the text.

The Infibeam Pi comes with a rechargeable built-in Li-Polymer battery (1000 mAh) that has a charging time of 4 hours and offers 7 days of battery life.

The Infibeam Pi e-reader can be pre-ordered at an introductory price of Rs 9999, that includes all taxes, duties and shipping costs. It will come with free ebooks and one year exclusive warranty.

Customers will need to pay a book amount of Rs 999.

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  1. Dr Jannavi Tandon said on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 12:27

    Sir i am interested in getting an ereader but i need a few clarifications.1) nightime reading-possible with no backlight?2) will it be possible to download my books stored in my PC into the reader? also if poss can i have details of the product and where availble?thanks